Sunday Fashion Tips for Men at Nine Moons


For my readers who don’t frequent the Bloggernacle, Rusty at Nine Moons has a great post full of Sunday fashion tips for men.

My favorites:

  • 21) Regarding ties: no clip-ons or cartoon characters for anyone over the age of 12 and no bolos for anyone who doesn’t herd cattle for a living.
  • 12) Black shoes with black suits. Brown/caramel shoes with navy suits. Other colors can be mixed and matched with a little more freedom.
  • 7) Ties should end just above the belt.
  • 22) Regarding socks: absolutely no white socks (church is neither a gym nor the temple); sport socks are not church socks, you know the difference; colors and patterns are great as long as they compliment your shirt/tie.
    1. Thanks for pointing that out Mike. Looks like Nine Moons updated their permalink structure. I\’ve updated the link so you can get to the new location for that article. Thanks again. Let us know what you think of their Sunday fashion tips.

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