Sundance Film Festival 2022 | The Mission

Sundance Film Festival 2022 | The Mission



Offering an unprecedented level of access into the journeys of missionaries, The Mission follows four American teens as they embark on one of the most religiously significant, ideologically challenging, and culturally unifying experiences in their community: their mission to Finland. As these young people reckon with the weight of their ambassador status, the film explores the varying ways in which their work shapes how they view themselves, the world, and their theology. Steadfast in its commitment to their perspectives, this film reveals the individuals behind the suits and nametags that have come to signify the work of Mormon missionaries globally. Through snubs on street corners, difficult Finnish lessons, triumphant baptisms, tearful goodbyes, and riotous welcomes home, The Mission is a full-bodied, complex presentation of missionary life.

This is director Tania Anderson’s first feature-length documentary. Anderson’s vérité approach observes the humanity, humility, dedication, and doubts of her subjects as well as the increasing atheism of her adopted home country of Finland with precision and poignance.


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