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Stress Jar activity | Enjoy the peace, the stillness, the calm, a clear mind, and an open spirit



Close your eyes and tune out everything around you.

Take a long breath and let’s focus on your thoughts.

As a thought comes into your mind, imagine writing it on a piece of paper.

What’s the next thought that comes to mind?

Imagine writing that on another piece of paper.

Continue to focus and write down at least a few more.

Now, of the things you have written down on the pieces of paper, which is causing you the most stress?

Does this stress feel negative?


Pick up this piece of paper, fold it, and hold it in your hand.

You are in control of this thought.

Exhale slowly and allow your face muscles to relax, then your neck, then your shoulders, breathe deep, and exhale the tension throughout your whole body.

Now imagine placing this piece of paper and any other stressful papers into a jar.

Seal the lid tight, invite God to take this container.

Hand it over.

Know that your thoughts are safe with God, and that you have the power to open the jar if you need to later.

But right now, enjoy the peace, the stillness, the calm, a clear mind, and an open spirit.


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