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Simplifying as We Seek the Savior’s Light

“Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to ‘abide the day.'” Sister Amy A. Wright of the Primary General Presidency shared this promise, “In the end, because of Jesus Christ, everything can be OK.”
“Abiding the day does not mean adding to an ever-increasing to-do list,” she said. “Think of a magnifying glass. Its sole purpose is not simply to make things appear bigger. It can also gather and focus light to make it more powerful. We need to simplify, focus our efforts, and be gatherers of the Light of Jesus Christ. We need more holy and revelatory experiences” (“Abide the Day in Christ,” general conference, Oct. 2023).
Heavenly Father will guide you as you focus your efforts on the “small and simple things” (Alma 37:6) that bring the Savior’s light into your life and strengthen your testimony of Him.
What is one “small and simple” thing you can do to draw closer to the Savior?
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