How are you feeling spiritually today? Let's find out. First, take some time to breathe gently, and to center your attention on your own heartbeat. As you listen to the following statements, consider whether you agree with them strongly, a little, or not so much. Each time you agree strongly with a statement, hold up two fingers. If you just kind of agree, hold up one finger, and if you don't really agree, do nothing. Keep adding fingers as we go through the statements. Okay, here's the first one. I feel really generous today, like I want to give my time, my attention, and even my money to others who may need it. Again, score your responses honestly and without judgment. Here's the second statement. I feel at peace with myself, with who I am. Number three, I feel open to the universe, to something bigger than myself, to God. Number four, I am eager to look within myself. Number five, I want to get to know someone else more deeply. Number six, I feel like I can see beyond today, like I can see the big picture. Number seven, I feel connected to all things. Now, let's look at your hands. If you've only got fingers up on one hand, your spiritual level is probably a bit low today. Take some extra time to do spiritual exercises, to journal, and to express gratitude to God. If you have fingers up on both hands, today is a good day to continue your spiritual exercise routine, or to start a new one. If you ran out of fingers, lucky you. Today, try an exercise that might stretch you, and then find a way to share your spiritual light with another. Some days are challenging, some are exhilarating, but each one can be a beautiful step on your spiritual journey.

Religion and the Media: Harmony or Discord | Universal Peace Federation


Live News outlets have been scaling back their reporting on religion for decades and it shows. Although faith organizations also use the media to get their message out, they find themselves unable to control how they are portrayed by the mass media and, at times, are subject to misrepresentation and even ridicule.

This webinar will address questions such as:
Is there an anti-religious bias in the mainstream media?
Why does faith seem increasingly irrelevant in today’s social context?
What are effective ways for people of faith to contribute to the public discourse?

Join Debra L. Mason, former Religion News Service director and professor emerita of the Missouri School of Journalism; Joel Campbell, Associate professor at Brigham Young University School of Communications, and John Dye, executive director of, with moderator Peggy Yujiri, executive director of Universal Peace Federation Colorado.

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