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Reasons for Hope ๐Ÿ”ฎ | BYU Today

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This bright and colorful illustration shows someone standing in the rays of sun amid a storm.

Letโ€™s be honest, itโ€™s been a rough couple of years. And times still feel tough. So is it time to despair or are better days on their way? BYU experts on mental health, racial harmony, sexual safety, politics, the environment, cancer, social media, and marriage shareย some of the reasonsย they remain hopeful for the future.


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Alumna Becca Clason is a talented stop-motion animator and tactile lettering artist who uses all kinds of stuffโ€”from candy to loose change to leafy greensโ€”to build mesmerizing typography and art. For the winter issue ofย Y Magazine, she worked wonders with actual water, using surface tension to create a literal splash of hope.ย Check out her Instagram explainer to see how she pulled it off.

A middle aged male athlete goes for a cold, winter run in Utah, USA during a break in the snow storms. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. He is running to maintain his good mental and physical health and enjoying nature in the winter.

โ€œCrazy runnersโ€โ€”those who log more than 100 miles a weekโ€”experience less intervertebral-disc degeneration (good) but also decreased spinal bone density (bad), according to recent studies by exercise-science professor and marathoner Ulrike Mitchell. Now she isย searching for the โ€œsweet spotโ€ย for spinal healthโ€”that amount of running that preserves discs without deteriorating bones.

A large athletic Y logo is background to player and coach circles plotted to show their roles in Super Bowl games over the years.

Itโ€™s the end of the NFL season and time to ask: how many Cougars have played or coached in past Super Bowls? Take a moment to mouse around thisย huddle of former BYU greatsย who not only played in the NFL but made it to the leagueโ€™s biggest game.

Already need to reboot your New Yearโ€™s resolutions? With a new month, improving your spirituality is a great goal to consider.ย Watch this inspiring short videoย to hear what President Russell M. Nelson says about drawing closer to Heavenly Father through self-reflection.

Hunter Young, a student in BYUโ€™s graphic-design program, won back-to-back Communication Arts awards for his projectsย Strikeย andย OMSI. Watch his success story,ย along with three moreย from advertising, music, and theater.

Researcher Chris Balzotti climbs an ancient staircase discovered in a sinkhole near Coba, Mexico. Photo by Richard Terry.

Do youย reallyย love chocolate? Well, it appears the ancient Maya likely loved cacaoโ€”the plant chocolate comes fromโ€”just as much. They considered it to be a gift from the gods and even used the beans as currency. The location of the ancient sacred Mayan cacao groves has long been a mysteryโ€”until now. Learn how a team of BYU researchers used soil analysis to makeย an exciting discovery in the sinkholes of Mexicoโ€™s Yucatan Peninsula.

Characters from the Disney film Encanto pose for a family portrait.

Ifย Encantoย had been set in the modern-day United States, would Mirabel, a Latina youth, show such strong connections to her family? While many American teens pull away from family as they spend more time alone or with friends, new BYU research suggests that Latino teens in the United States may not follow the norm. And, says family life professor Jocelyn Wikle, that difference is rooted in distinctive cultural norms and family values.ย Get more details here.

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