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A friend told me that the Church is piloting a new online payment site in their stake. This source heard it announced in church, then logged into his account to check it out. He/she captured the below screenshot and graciously passed it on to me. It should make it easy to pay tithing, fast offerings, and other donations to the Church, electronically!

Our post about how to pay your tithing online has long been one of our most viewed posts. More people have found found Mormon Life Hacker by searching for how to pay tithing online, than any other method. Unfortunately it’s not a great system as some of the updates and comments on that post point out. So we’re really excited to tell you that the Church has a beta version coming soon! And it works for anyone with an account and a US bank account.

Here was my source’s thoughts after trying a first donation:

Very very simple to use. Just need to know your routing number and then your account number to a checking or savings account. (They have a check sample on the page that shows you where to quickly find those sets of numbers.) It doesn’t look like there is an option to set up recurring payments—but you can save your account information so that when you manually pay, you don’t have to re-enter your information. It looks like the transaction happens though Zion’s Bank on their (the Church’s) end of things.

What we can surmise from the info available:

  • It’s super simple! It uses the familiar tithing slip as the layout for entering the amounts to donate to the different items.
  • A record of your past donations will also be available, even if they were not paid through this new site (see the sidebar where donations are listed, even though my source paid their first donation online, after taking this screenshot).
  • You’ll be able to download some kind of statements (see left-sidebar). I’d assume that this will be monthly and yearly ones similar to those sent out by email, for people who pay using the BillPay method now.
  • It’ll probably be available only in the United States, for starters. If Zion’s is doing the processing, it’ll probably take more integration with international banks to get it elsewhere.
  • If you’re using your bank’s Billpay to auto-pay your tithing (as our previous post outlines) you may want to continue using that method even after this launches. My guess is the Church will add auto-recurring payments at some point. But if this is the feature-set they go public with, you may want to stick with your billpay setup until the Church adds automatically recurring payments.
  • It saves at least one bank account, making any donations from that account quick and easy in the future.

Who else is stoked about this? I sure am. I’ve been wanting to update the previous post for years, but just haven’t had any really helpful news on this front. Glad to see the church recognized the demand and prioritized it as an integrated service as part of our accounts.

  1. I haven’t tried to pay tithing on line because, if I remember correctly, you couldn’t pay fast offerings and other offerings. If they offer this in my area I will switch to online payments.

    1. IDIAT, I’ve been paying through billpay for 2-3 years now, and I’ve always had the option to pay to any of the Church’s funds, with the exception of ward missionaries (because the money for that goes to the ward and stays in the ward’s bank account, rather than being sent up to Church HQ, like the other funds). The trick is that you have to set up each fund as a different payee in your billpay. Switch to billpay! You’ll bless the day!

      1. Bill pay is a bit of a pain for Bishopric members counting because they fill out the donation slip on your behalf and the check numbers are usually many digits too…this should be a lot nicer for for the Bishoprics.

      2. The bill pay being referred to here goes directly to the church, not the Bishop. Been using it for years and loving it.

      3. I am a Canadian and I have been using Bill Pay for years to pay my tithe and offering and I just love it, but when I told my president about it he didn’t believe that such a thing existed and I had a lot of trouble over it. I dare say it has even negatively affected my ability to attend the temple. He went to our High Councillor who claimed that it was a scam and that I should stop paying it immediately. I am still stunned at the total lack of effort made by our priesthood to even seriously look into this. I hope that now they will believe. :/

    2. I am Canadian and I also opened up a US bank account so that I could pay tithing to the church through Bill Pay. It has been 3 years and I love it. I can pay tithing and offering as ccpoul stated. Recurring payments can be done through the bank.
      I tried to inform my church president and others and you wouldn’t believe the trouble I got for it. They didn’t believe me and the church High councillor said that it was a scam and that I should stop paying immediately. It was amazing to me that the church priesthood refused to even seriously look into it! Maybe, they will now believe.

  2. This cannot happen soon enough! Thanks for sharing. Please let us know when it goes live as I just checked and I don’t have it – at least not that I could find.

  3. I am NOT sure this is a good idea..lots of reasons against it vs the few reasons to argue for it -one being benefit of convenience. I don’t think I’d use it.

      1. For myself, one major concern I have is identity theft. Our area has been party to a rash of online banking hacks and many banks have been compromised. We use a very small local credit union and luckily these unusual kinds of charges have been caught quickly and no damage has been done to our credit. With a larger bank, such as the required US bank account, these concerns aren’t often found right away.

      2. JessieMomma, I’m pretty sure it just means that you must have bank account in a bank in the United States, not that you have to bank with US Bank specifically.

    1. EFFORT LESS? We already have it too easy. It’s a personal sacrifice for the Lord’s purposes. I think the depth of the giving will be lost.

      1. The method of giving makes no difference to the Lord. Is your tithe less appreciated because you hand a check to the Bishop rather than give 10% in physical goods like they used too?

      2. You are welcome to pay any way you would like, but you don’t need to poo poo everyone that is excited to pay electronically.

      3. Maybe we should all walk to church as well?
        Having things easier is a blessing. The Lord often blesses us with easier ways of doing things because we can accomplish a lot more with fewer impediments. If doing things the hard way is how we’re supposed to show our sacrifice to God who has blessed us with many conveniences, perhaps we should be as the Amish?

  4. Paying your tithing and other offerings by electronic transfer is the current method in Europe. The only difference is that we don’t use the interface. The description in the bank transfer is used to record the donation to the appropriate member and offering category. Easy, simple and no cost.

  5. Awesome! As a former exec sec and current bishopric counselor, I hear this feature request all the time. Members are doing all their other banking/transactions online, so they naturally expect this.

    Sooooo many questions from a operations perspective, though, mostly around how this will work with accounts/funds that are mostly kept locally. Fast offering funds are usually kept in local unit bank accounts until they are swept out by the stake or church. Ward Mission funds, particularly for an individual missionary, are usually largely administered locally (though they are rapidly swept to CHQ). Also, “Other” accounts for camp and fundraisers are always kept locally and are not counted as charitable contributions, like other donations. I wonder if they will be able to accept them online. Lastly, will Bishops be able to access contribution information for a member if it’s done online? They often check for temple recommends, callings, etc, not to mention the annual tithing settlement.

    Can’t wait to find out all the answers on the roll out.

    1. Sam, as a current ward clerk of a YSA ward, I relate to you in hearing this request all the time, especially since our demographic is solely people who grew up with technology and are comfortable doing, well, everything with it. I don’t see the operations issues you’re thinking about, though, because (at least in our ward!) the only funds we keep locally besides our budget and the “Other” category are the donations to ward missionaries. Even fast offerings are transferred back to the Church, and then “different” fast offering funds are transferred back to us when we use them. I think it wouldn’t be hard for the Church to transfer money from HQ to wards when their members have donated Ward Mission funds. But, perhaps with Ward Mission and Other funds, the Church simply won’t allow their donation through the online portal, as you indicated; that’s how it is right now with the billpay system – you can only donate to the global donation categories. And speaking of billpay, all funds donated through billpay are reported in MLS, and the Bishop can see them at Tithing Settlement time, so that’s not a worry.

      Along with you, I can’t wait to see how it will work as it rolls out. 🙂

    2. Hi Sam. Do bishops even need to access contribution information for temple recommends or tithing settlement? My understanding is that the question “are you a full tithe payer” is adequate. My bishop doesn’t know what my income is, and there is a certain degree of self-certification in those interviews, no? What happens for someone (like myself) that has moved, and whose records of contributions are not all in the same unit anyway?

  6. Tell me why are they calling it Lds Hacker, (Hacker) doesn’t have a very good connotation! Too much fraud happens when systems are hacked into, I’d think twice!

    1. Hi Sarah, “hacker” originally meant “an enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer or user”. It’s only recently the connotation has changed more to what’s more properly termed a “cracker” (ie someone who “cracks” into stuff). Thus a life-hacker is someone who’s enthusiastic and skilled at life. Perfect name, really.

  7. I think this is a mistake. There is something sacred about the act of paying tithing to our bishop and teaching our children to do the same. This takes the personal nature of the tithe away, and makes it just like any other bill like the mortgage or a car payment.

    1. I understand your point, but I’m not sure to what extent I agree. Certainly it is a little more personal to have that brief interaction with your bishop, but we pay tithing to the Lord, not the bishop. Bishops change, and I move to different wards (all too frequently!). Also, members in Europe already generally pay their tithing through electronic means. Do they miss out on blessings because of the way they pay? I think what matters more is the spirit and reverence with which you pay your tithing, and no so much the financial instrument that you use.

    2. I agree. In our ward the deacons walk around and collect fast offerings and it is wonderful for those who might not come to church often to have someone come in a church capacity to visit. And it is good for the deacons to preform this sacred duty. Paying tithing isn’t just another “bill”. Online makes it easier to pay, sure, but I think that it would make it something we think less about.

      1. The collection of fast offerings by the Deacons is really just a western states thing anyway. Expansive boundaries make this very difficult if not impossible in other areas of the country and the world. The Deacon is to be an assistant to the Bishop…plain and simple. There is nothing doctrinal (that I know of) saying that their duty is to collect Fast Offerings.

      2. I’ll probably get a lot of flack for saying what I’m going to say, but here it is. Having Deacons walk around and collect fast offerings is just busy work. They don’t do much of use. I have to write two checks each month instead of one. Having Deacons pull their wagons of produce collected from ward members made sense 100 years ago, but today it is just busy work. Do we really want to teach our youth to do busy work instead of work that means something? Having Deacons collect fast offerings is a church tradition, so I write my two checks each month. I’d rather write one check, and as soon as my area gets the new online procedure, I won’t have to write any checks. I really like using billpay for paying bills, and I’ll be glad when the church starts to use the technology the Lord has given us.

    3. Geoffrey,

      This is not a mistake. As a counselor there are times when it can take over an hour to process the donations. Several do online pill pay and either send the check to their own home or send it to the Bishop’s home. We get asked all the time if their is an option. It was a matter of time, before the church implement this. Can’t wait for it. And remember many will still pay the old way especially children and those who don’t have bank accounts. This is progress and keeping up with the times. With auto bill pay I know it’s being paid and I don’t forget. An option for auto pay help me be 100% accurate in paying my tithing.

    4. I think that you have sentimental feelings about the act of handing your tithing to a bishopric member, but in reality, the Lord does not command us to pay tithing a certain way, just that we pay it. So I think the Lord is just as pleased with an electronic payment. It’s still a sacrifice for people to pay tithing and it’s never going to be “just another bill”. You are still paying tithing, which a lot of people aren’t doing, believe it or not.

    5. it’s good to be concerned about the personalization, Geoffrey. I value that for my children, too. But they certainly aren’t getting rid of the in-person types; in my ward, there are too many members who don’t have the resources to use an online payment method (IE home internet), and my children won’t have the opportunity for quite a while. Meanwhile, it would not only be useful for me to be able to pay at any time, but would save a tremendous amount of time from the Bishopric and leaders, who deserve Sunday free time as much as anyone else.

    6. I can’t imagine that people are going to be forced to use this system. The “old” way of paying to your ecclesiastical leader will still be completely valid.

    7. I would disagree. The sacred part is giving that money to the Church, regardless of the method. Somebody’s tithing is not worth less in God’s eyes because they made a electronic transfer rather than handing it to their Boshop.

    8. i agree this is a mistake. the church is one of the largest grossing entities in the world. many will lose their personnal info even more so to identity theft.

    9. Geoffrey. I will take a stab in the dark and guess that you are not comfortable with technology or paying bills online.
      Whats the difference? a tithe to the Church is a tithe to the Church.
      Was it more sacred to bring 1/10 of what you produce (chickens, apples, whatever)? or to pay by cash or check?

      The Churches policies and procedures evolve and I for one am happy they do.

    10. 1. I don’t write checks. Many companies don’t even accept checks anymore.
      2. As a Primary Pres. member we are trying to get to the Primary room before the kids do. Then we have to clean up when its over.
      3. Finding a member of the Bishopric isn’t always easy. Our building has 4 wards that meet in it and the halls get congested. Trying to reach one of them before everyone goes home or before they are meeting with people can be difficult.
      4. They take a long time to cash a check.

      The reality is that we live in a world that encourages paperless billing. Making payments online is just the church keeping up with the times. People use to pay their tithing in chickens but how often do you see someone walk into church with a chicken tucked under their arm? This is an answer to prayer for many people! Maybe its a generational thing but I can’t wait for a chance to pay online!!

      1. Agreed. Waiting for the checks to be cashed throws my balance off all the time. Plus, I have a hope to never need to buy checks again now the church is accepting tithing online.

  8. I think this is fantastic! We recently moved to Europe, but still have most of our banking in the US. I can’t very well hand a personal check drawn on a US bank account to my bishop in Portugal. Until now I have just been setting aside my tithing money, to pay when I sort things out. This will help tremendously!

  9. Geoffrey …I see your point, but as a member here in Brazil, often I get paid in US Dollar (VA pension from military) as well as in Brazilian funds from my work…it helps me pay my salary in Real as well as Dollar…so really it DOES benefit some people in different ways..I think the Church held out as long as they could for the reason that you specifically mentioned and there will still be tithing envelopes for those who insist on the traditional way of doing things..but I liken it to a MP3 instead of a CD …which has a better quality?

  10. I think that this is a great idea!!! I’ve been asking my bishop when they will get this implemented!! I have since moved and my tithing info doesn’t transfer. So at tithing settlement it’s a little ackward not to have all my tithing info at my new location. I can’t wait for this to launch!!!

  11. I think its funny how so many people feel the need to express the benefits of this but if one person expresses potential concerns they are out of the times. People calm down… I see the benefits, I also see negatives (personal information security for example) and I’m not blind to the idea that the church would have every security option in place nor am I blind to the risk in hand delivering cash or check to the bishop. Let’s just say it’s going to be a great fit for some and others feel it’s a bit impersonal. Why must we try to convince the other person they are wrong? Just my thoughts….

  12. But what am I going to do with the two hours after church when I would normally be typing in amounts to the MLS?

    1. Say “hi” to your family. Read more in the scriptures. Get your home teaching done.

      The possibilities are endless and celestial.

  13. Isn’t there enough to worry about in life then to worry about every intricate detail of operations. I’m Sure most of you don’t hesisite using your card at Walmart. It could happen there too. I’m confident that the church will do everything to keep us protected. Give me a break and take your Prozac!!

  14. One great feature of this new donations method is that members (and non-members) can send money to specific missionary funds in other wards.

    That means that Billy’s Uncle on the East Coast can chip in part of the monthly cost by going to and making the donation quickly and efficiently without sending a check or cash.

  15. I am a Canadian and I have been using Bill Pay for years to pay my tithe and offering and I just love it, but when I told my president about it he didn’t believe that such a thing existed and I had a lot of trouble over it. I dare say it has even negatively affected my ability to attend the temple. He went to our High Councillor who claimed that it was a scam and that I should stop paying it immediately. I am still stunned at the total lack of effort made by our priesthood to even seriously look into this. I hope that now they will believe. :/

  16. Wow !! Paying tithing online sounds like a great idea. And I haven’t heard of BillPay for church donations, so all of this is new to me. My son as Branch Clerk thinks it can make it job a little easier – and we could go home sooner, 😀

  17. I receive bill pay donations at my home and we fill out the tithing slip. It is deposited like any other donation that is received. Just make sure the comments on the check detail the catagories. I was blindsided the first time I received it but it is not a problem

  18. What happened to my church? It doesn’t feel like a church very much anymore. Just a big corporation.

    1. Nope. We’ve heard “rumblings” that indicated later this month for a US-wide rollout. But nothing concrete. We’re hoping what we’ve heard is true. There’s just no way to know for sure, until it happens.

  19. Very excited for this! In my ward, sometimes the tithing check isn’t cashed for 2-3 weeks, so knowing what’s in my account isn’t as simple as looking at the balance. Before paying for anything I have to look back through all my transactions to make sure tithing has gone through. This will make things SO much easier.

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