Obeeyayโ€™s EP is Winninโ€™ | Young member of The Bonner Family debuts a strong EP

Obeeyayโ€™s EP is Winninโ€™ | Youngest member of The Bonner Family debuts a strong EP


โ€˜Hardโ€™: the fourth single from Obeeyayโ€™s EP Winninโ€™. Itโ€™s a great dance track about loving someone to the max and living with no regrets.


Obeeyay honed his skills after many years of experience writing for other artists, and he’s currently back in the state of Utah focusing on his solo act.

You might remember his cover of Sunflower from Into the Spider-Verse. ๐Ÿ’ฏ


The 25-year-old singer/songwriter and youngest member of THE BONNER FAMILY has worked with the likes of Brandy,ย Queen Latifahย andย Jojo.

Obeeyay discusses โ€˜Hardโ€™

โ€œThis song is really for the untouchable couple. I wrote it thinking of all the times people doubted my relationship with the girl I was with throughout school, wanting to prove a point that when Iโ€™m with her, nobody can say anything cuz weโ€™re untouchable.

The very first time I metย Senshoย the producer, he played me a draft of the beat at Paramount Recording Studios, and the melody that came to me was like downloading, it was like the song was written in my head already and was meant to be. I want my peers to go hard with this one.โ€






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