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Brandon Purdie, the distributor of Meet the Mormons, The Saratov Approach, Once I Was A Beehive and many other LDS family movie favorites, recently sent out an email about Love, Kennedy, the latest release from acclaimed LDS movie director T.C. Christensen.

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IN UTAH THEATERS JUNE 2017. New from acclaimed filmmaker T.C. Christensen (The Cokeville Miracle, 17 Miracles) comes the inspiring true story of love, loss, courage and family... LOVE KENNEDY. Read more about this fascinating true story on Deseret News: "Couple who lost daughter to disease find new family as they share her story": http://bit.ly/2lkwh5i Get ready for June 2017! Opening in Utah theaters first.


Dear Friends,

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we have partnered with acclaimed filmmaker T.C. Christensen (17 Miracles, The Cokeville Miracle) to bring you T.C.’s newest movie about miracles Love, Kennedy; the true story about the inspiring and miraculous life of a teenage girl from Utah named Kennedy Hansen. (Check out the trailer at the bottom of this email...)

Love, Kennedy opens in Utah theaters on June 2, 2017. As you know, with independently-made faith & family movies such as this, the turnout needs to be big opening weekend to show the theaters that we want these movies in our theaters! This will guarantee a longer run in Utah and play dates in more cities across the nation. People from all over the country have been submitting requests for this movie to come to them! Together, we can help make this possible.

**Stay tuned as we’ll be sending the list of opening weekend theaters to you soon.**

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Thank you for your incredible support of our movies!

See you at the theater on June 2nd!

Brandon & Team

Brandon Purdie
Purdie Distribution

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