Use Bubbles To Entertain Children


While serving my mission I received a package from my sister containing a little canister of liquid bubbles. These weren’t just bubbles but they were touchable bubbles you could catch in your hand without popping them. I put these bubbles in my proselyting bag and every place I went where children were present I pulled out the bubbles and became the best show in town. This created opportunities to talk with strangers on the street that had children. I would simply pull the bubbles out and engage the child’s attention while both my companion and I would get to know the parent and offer our message. At other times we were in the middle of a crucial discussion. It was important for the parent to feel the present spirit and be engaged. The child would act up and distract the parent. At this point I would pull out my bubbles and blow while my companion would carry on the lesson.

Most recently I have heard the power of bubbles used in another church responsibilities. At the beginning of nursery children arrive with the room full of bubbles. This immediately dazzles the little ones and the parents are able to leave without crying or argument. There is no guarantee on how long this will last but it’s worth a try.

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