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Tyler loves technology and the internet and trying new things. He shares his photography online, and is currently between blogs.

Kenneth (Kenny) Trent earned a BS from Brigham Young University - Idaho, a MA from Brigham Young University (Provo), and a MBA from Pacific Lutheran University. He writes about Languages, Business, and Technology. He lives in Seattle with his wife and six kids, and you can find him online at

Jethro Jones blogs at, where he demonstrates that everything he ever needed to know, he learned in Primary.

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Job: Assistant Principal at Copperview Elementary School

Ryan is a subject librarian for Religion at BYU. His job puts him in touch
with many online tools to study the scriptures.Connect: , Job: Subject Librarian at BYU

Developer, designer, tech guru, and former Bishop. Jeff is an entrepreneur and the owner of a custom software company based in Frisco Texas.

Kellen is a PhD student in Mathematics living in New York. Recently married, Kellen enjoys technology and is excited to share all the new technological tools for Mormons that are coming out.

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Job: PhD Student.
Calling: 2nd Counselor, Sunday School Pres.