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LIVING SCRIPTURES: Restoration Artifacts and featured family comedies


New This Week

We are pleased to announce the first two episodes of Restoration Artifacts as our top new titles. This new series, produced and directed by Church member Robert Hatch, presents fascinating artifacts made and used by people over the span of the ongoing Restoration. While these artifacts are remarkable, it is the stories of the people behind them that captures our hearts. Each one of these people lived lives full of challenges, obstacles, and risks of the future – and they faced those challenges with courage, faith, and perseverance. Once you enjoy these episodes, be on the lookout for more releases in the future!

CFM: D&C 37- 40: To The Ohio

Imagine you’re sitting in Conference and the prophet asks you to pack up everything and move. Well, that’s what happened to the early Saints. D&C 37- 40: To The Ohio chronicles how church members responded when the Lord revealed that they must move to Kirtland, Ohio. Highlighted are the contrasting stories of Lucy Mack Smith and James Covel, which help us learn important lessons about faith.

Featured: America’s Sacred Ground: Kirtland

As we learn about the Saints’ departure to Ohio in Come, Follow Me this upcoming week, our featured title is America’s Sacred Ground: KirtlandThis BYUtv production examines the unique town, the faith of its residents, and the remarkable spiritual events experienced as they sacrificed to build a society based on Jesus Christ’s teachings.

Playlist: Comedy

While there is much uncertainty and commotion in the world, Joseph B. Worthlin taught, “There is an antidote for times such as these: learn to laugh.” Our featured playlist, Comedy, contains many titles that fill us with laughter. Favorites like The RM and Once I was A Beehive, plus a new release from Feature Films for Families, Who Stole My Voice? will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Love Everlasting

A high school senior ventures with his mom to see the ocean, but obstacles strand them in a small town.

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Who Stole My Voice?

As a married couple is careening toward separation, their four children form “Operation Get-Together.”

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Adventures from The Book of Virtues

Season 2

Two schoolchildren learn valuable life lessons from a buffalo, a red-tailed hawk, a bobcat, and a prairie dog.

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Latter Day Kids: If Ye Are Not One Ye Are Not Mine

Doctrine & Covenants 37-40

Four truck drivers learn that things are much better when they work together as one. Music: “Book Bag” by E’s Jammy Jams.

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Weekly Come Follow Me Lessons
In Theaters: The Girl Who Believes in Miracles

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