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Benji the Dove is our top new title this week. Based on the novel by Fridrik Erlings, this coming-of-age movie explores timeless themes. Roland moves from Scotland into a new town, and quickly forms a unique bond with three friends and knights them into the Order of the Red Dragon. They set out to help create justice from injustices, including raising money for an elderly townswoman. But will their demands for justice take things too far? With humor, tears, and everything in between, this movie illustrates important life and moral lessons. It has been edited for language, but contains some violence and peril not suitable for young children.

CFM: I’ve Lost My Soul

D&C 4 is often associated with missionaries, but have you considered what having “an eye single to the glory of God” really means and how it can help us in our everyday lives? I’ve Lost My Soul gives historical background to next week’s CFM chapters D&C 3-5 in an entertaining way. It helps us better understand what the prophet went through during those times, and how we can act like Joseph did as we face trials and overcome sin.

Featured: Plates of Gold

Throughout this month, we are featuring one of our old favorites – Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold. This extraordinary movie follows Joseph Smith’s journey as he faithfully translated the Book of Mormon. It’s great for family movie night, or to help supplement Come, Follow Me study.

Playlist: Liberty and Justice for All

This week’s featured playlist is in honor of Martin Luther King Day. As King once said, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.” Liberty and Justice for All includes Benji the Dove along with another new release, Harriet Tubman – They Called Her Moses, which takes a deep look into the morals and courage of this beloved American hero. While Harriet and Dr. King lived years apart, their messages echo gospel truths that are oh-so-relevant today.

Latter Day Kids: The Field is White

Doctrine & Covenants 3-5

When the field is white and ready to harvest, a farmer sends his workers to gather the wheat. Music: “Future King of Heaven” by Zachariah Hickman.

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Harriet Tubman- They Called Her Moses

Harriet Tubman is a familiar name in history. But many aren’t familiar with the details of her remarkable story, the depth of her character, and the motivations that drove her.

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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution: I

Enter the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory.

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Snowy River: The McGregor Saga

Season 2: Episodes 1-10
This series is about cattle rancher Matt McGregor, his family, and their neighbors in the township of Paterson’s Ridge in Australia’s Snowy Mountains.

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Latter Day Kids Lessons

Episodes 11-21

Latter Day Kids creates engaging videos to teach the gospel of Christ to children.

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Metaphor in Biblical Poetry

Understanding how metaphors are used in the Bible is an essential tool for reading biblical poetry. Free at

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