AdAge covered this unlikely duo’s pairing for this song:


Yachty and Osmond’s commercial-meets-music-video, “Start the Par-Dee” includes moments showing the pair in a kitchen, driving around and sitting atop a 6-foot-tall can of Chef Boyardee.

The video and shorter clips will be promoted online, while the song is set to pop up on Pandora and Spotify.


The desire to reach a broad audience and also wink to the product’s “throwback” status led to the decision to pair him {Yachty} with an older artist. The agency, which now has Annex offshoots in both Chicago and in Capitol’s tower in Los Angeles, quickly landed on Osmond, a name people including Peterson recognized, with a long list of hits such as “Puppy Love.”

The younger employees, however, needed to learn more.

“To tell you the truth, the majority of people who work at the Annex, they didn’t know who he was. They don’t know who Donny Osmond is, not at all.”

Osmond kicks in with vocals such as “older, younger and in between, you see that we all agree, we love tomatoes, more beef and cheese, thank goodness for Chef Boyardee.”