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Light The World 2022 | Participation Ideas (Resources for Wards and Stakes)


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    Invitation Templates:

    This folder contains invitation templates that you can edit, save, and print for your Christmas events. There are two ways that the templates can be edited:1. In the subfolder labeled “PDF Templates,” you will find PDF versions of the invitations that are universally editable. This means that you can make changes to them on any computer that has an internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and so on)or PDF reader.

    2. In the subfolder labeled “InDesign Files,” you will find invitation templates that were created in Adobe InDesign. Only use these templates if you are familiar with Adobe and prefer to edit within the InDesign program. Note that you will only be able to open these templates if someone in your ward or stake has an Adobe subscription.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to edit and save each template, please refer to the section “How to Use a Template” in this guide.

    Style Guide: The “Style Guide” folder contains a PDF that explains the branded assets available for use to those who wish to forgo the templates in favor of creating their own invitations from scratch. The style guide document provides a reference for the colors, fonts, and imagery that you are encouraged to use in your designs. It also includes instructions regarding the placement of the Light the World star and the usage of logos, fonts, and borders. Please ensure that the materials you create adhere to these guidelines. The visual assets mentioned in this document are made available to you in the “VisualAssets” folder below the “Style Guide” folder.

    Visual Assets: This folder contains the visual assets that you will need should you choose to design your own invitations. Included in this section are the resources that are referenced in the style guide as well as several Christmas-themed images that have been approved for invitation use. A separate subfolder has been created for each visual asset so that you can easily access and download what you need.

    © 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. Version: 8/22.

    2 As you go through the materials, be sure to preview all files before downloading them, as some assets have multiple versions. For example, the Light the World logos have been provided in both white and red so that you can use them correctly to create color contrast. Remember, if you have questions regarding what to use and where, you can refer to the “Style Guide” folder.

    You may notice that font files are not provided in this folder. In any of your designs, we encourage you to use Open Sans Bold for headers and Open Sans Light for paragraphs or other details. Open Sans is an open-source font and is available for download here.  Please note: If you choose to use the templates that have been provided, you will not need to download any of the items in the “Visual Assets” folder, as they have already been incorporated correctly. That’s the beauty of a template: less work for you!

    PDF Templates:
    Editing PDF Files
    1. In the “PDF Templates” folder, find and select the template you want to use.
    2. Download the PDF file to your computer by clicking the Download button in the top left of the Dropbox header.
    3. When the template has downloaded, right-click the file and select
    Open With>Google Chrome.
    *4. Once the file has opened, place your cursor in the first text box. Then delete the. placeholder text and brackets.
    5. Insert the information that corresponds to your event.
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until each box has been filled in.

    Double-check to make sure that there is no bracketed text remaining!*

    If you do not have Google Chrome, you can also use Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or another internet browser.If you prefer to edit your template in software such as Adobe Acrobat, feel free! The PDF templates can be altered through any program with a PDF editor.

    Exporting PDF Files for Print

    1. Once your edits have been made, click the printer icon in the top right corner.
    2. Select your printer as the destination from the drop-down menu.
    3. Ensure that your prints are set to “color.”
    4. Open the yourPrint Settings and ensure the document willPrint One Sided.

    © 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. Version: 8/22.

    5. Double-check all desired settings.
    6. Select Print.

    Exporting PDF Files for Digital Sharing (End Format: JPEG)
    1. Once your edits have been made, click the printer icon in the top right corner.
    2. SelectSave as PDF from the drop-down menu as the destination.
    3. Select Save.
    4. Name the document.
    5. Select a location (this is where the file will be saved on your computer).
    6. ClickSave.
    7. Go to the file location.
    8. Open the document.
    9. ClickFile>Save As>JPEG.*
    10. Share digitally via email or another preferred communication channel.
    *If saving as a JPEG, is not an option, you can try using software that allows conversion such as Adobe Acrobat. An alternate solution is to take a screen clip of your file using the following commands:

    •Macbook: Command + Shift + 4•PC: Window + Shift + S
    After inputting the screenshot commands, you’ll need to use your cursor to select the area that you wish to screenshot. Your computer will then automatically save your screenshot as a JPEG in your “Recent” files.InDesign TemplatesEditing InDesign Files1. Download the InDesign file for the template you want to use from Dropbox.2. Open the file in Adobe InDesign.3. Use the Type tool to highlight the bracketed text.4. Insert the information that corresponds to your event.5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until each box has been filled in. Double-check to make sure that there is no bracketed text remaining!Exporting InDesign Files for Print (End Format: PDF)
    1. Once all of your edits have been made, save the edited file by clickingFile>SaveAs in the top navigation bar, selecting a destination, and clickingSave.
    2. Then clickFile>Export.
    3. Select a location (this will be where the PDF will be saved on your computer).

    © 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. Version: 8/22. PD80004059 000

    4. Specify the format as “Adobe PDF (Print)” using the drop-down menu.5. ClickSave.Export InDesign Files for Digital Sharing (End Format: JPEG)1. Once all of your edits have been made, save the edited file by clickingFile>SaveAs in the top navigation bar, selecting a destination, and clickingSave.2. Then clickFile>Export.3. Select a location (this is where the JPEG will be saved on your computer).4. Specify the format as “JPEG” using the drop-down menu.5. ClickSave.6. Share digitally.WHAT IF I CAN’T FIND THE TEMPLATE I WANT?If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect template for your event, have no fear! In the“Visual Assets”folder, we have provided the materials you will need to create customized invitations for any occasion. This includes example invitations for reference, a comprehensive style guide, and a compilation of Light the World visual assets.Whether you choose to use a premade template or create your own design, we hope that the resources provided here will assist you in your efforts to share the light of Jesus Christ with others this Christmas season.

    © 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. Version: 8/22. PD80004059 000


What is Light the World?

Light The World, the annual Christmas initiative sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, invites all people to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ and follow in His footsteps by serving others.

What is a Giving Machine?

One component of this initiative is the unique red vending machines, appropriately called Giving Machines. In partnership with Latter-day Saint Charities, Light the World Giving Machines provide a fun and memorable way for the public to give to those in need.

What makes this initiative so unique?

Rather than buying candy or snacks for oneself, Giving Machines allow people to purchase an item for someone else—across town or around the world. After the payment process completes, a card representing the item drops into an enclosed display bin. The generous donor then leaves with a digital receipt and a feeling of joy and gratitude that no candy bar will ever equal.

Where can I find a Giving Machine?

Light The World Giving Machines are in select cities throughout the world. For a complete list of this year’s locations, visit

What can I purchase (or donate) from a Giving Machine?

Light The World Giving Machines offer a variety of essential items to assist those in need, such as food (meals and groceries), shelter, personal hygiene kits, clean water, clothing, beds, educational assistance, medical/eye/dental care, immunizations, personal development, counseling services, and even chickens, goats, pigs, and beehives.

What are the payment options?

Giving Machines accept credit card and mobile payments only (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.).

How are Giving Machine donations used?

Participating organizations receive 100% of the collected funds and an itemized list of donor purchases. These organizations then acquire and deliver the goods and services to those in need. In some instances, substitutions for purchased items may be necessary to meet more significant demands; however, substituted items must remain within the same category as the original purchase.

How are operational costs covered?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints generously underwrites all operating expenses for the Light The World Giving Machine initiative, including covering individual credit card transaction fees. Latter-day Saint Charities, the humanitarian arm of the Church, manages the receiving and distribution of funds at no charge. This support ensures that every penny donated is used for its intended purpose.

How much have Light The World Giving Machines raised?

Since the first Giving Machine launched in 2017, hundreds of thousands of people have generously contributed $15 million (USD) to assist those in need.

What items or charities require the most donations?

Every participating organization has pressing needs. Those interested may research individual nonprofit partner work at

Can I donate online?

If visiting a Giving Machine is not feasible, donations may be made directly to the participating nonprofit organizations at


For more information about the Light the World initiative, visit

For more information about Giving Machines, visit

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