1:59 / 2:22 Up next Autoplay 4:48 Advice From President Nelson to Millennials Living in a Hectic World Mormon Newsroom 16K views New 5:55 Mormon Leader Appeals to Media to Make Polygamy Distinction Mormon Newsroom 47K views 8:42 Provo Missionary Training Center Tour Mormon Newsroom 107K views 9:57 Mormon Myths and Reality Mormon Newsroom 187K views 7:55 Mormon Missionaries - Men Called to Serve Mormon Newsroom 43K views 5:51 The History of Mormonism Mormon Newsroom 23K views 6:14 Humanitarian Efforts (Mormons) Mormon Newsroom 32K views 13:10 Sabbath Day Observance — Full Q&A Mormon Newsroom 31K views 4:23 Faith and Rebuilding Will Make Puerto Ricans Stronger, Bishop Davies Says Mormon Newsroom 4.7K views New 3:03 President Monson Honored for Legacy of Love, Service Mormon Newsroom 65K views 6:07 Presidente Thomas S. Monson fallece a la edad de 90 años Mormon Newsroom 16K views 4:31 At a Glance: President Russell M. Nelson, New First Presidency, Speak at News Conference Mormon Newsroom 296K views 3:24 Elder Christofferson Addresses Growing Need to Defend Truth Mormon Newsroom 15K views 4:00 Preserving Religious Freedom Mormon Newsroom 25K views 7:25 Church-Affiliated Ranch Balances Agriculture and Conservation in Central Florida Mormon Newsroom 48K views 12:49 Respecting Our Differences While Defending Religious Freedom Mormon Newsroom 71K views 3:31 Utah Governor Task Force to Address Teen Suicide; Mormon Apostle Offers Support Mormon Newsroom 15K views 1:15 President Monson Viewing Attended by Thousands Mormon Newsroom 57K views 10:29 Elder Christofferson Provides Context on Handbook Changes Affecting Same-Sex Marriages Mormon Newsroom 537K views 4:41 At a Glance: Mormon and Jewish Delegation Gathers at Historic Jerusalem Site Mormon Newsroom 18K views Preventing Teen Suicide a Priority with Utah’s Community Leaders, including LDS Church Mormon Life Hacker

Let’s not leave #faith out of the DEI equation . . .


Attracting and retaining the best talent is a key in any successful endeavor. And DEI—Diversity, Equity & Inclusion—is a core component in ensuring the culture of a company is all about connection.

Brian J. Grim is a master storyteller on this subject, and shares that “to be fully successful, DEI cannot just be transactional, or about fulfilling program metrics – it operates at its best when utilized to foster authentic connections between people. These connections are key to ensuring a company’s ultimate success.”

Oh, and let’s not leave #faith out of the DEI equation.


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