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How’s it going? I am… If you are watching on the Chosen page or pages, welcome. You know me, I know you. But if you’re watching on the Jesus Revolution pages, you already know John, I’m Dallas. I’m the creator of the Chosen. And Jesus Jesus Rev and The Chosen, it’s like Jesus Month in February because the Chosen Episode 7 and 8 came out in theaters at the beginning of the month. It had a wonderful opening weekend, and it was just a little specialty thing. And then your movie Jesus Revolution coming out in a few weeks, and it has a certain actor who is the ultimate connection between the two projects. You and I don’t even really like each.

Other all that much. Not at all. Just to sit this close to each.

Other was dangerous. But Jonathan is the glue between these two projects. So we’ll talk about why I’m talking about Jesus Revolution and why you’ve seen the chosen, you like the chosen.

By the way, Beth and I went to the theater and saw Episode 7 and 8. Episode 8, I had been seeing iterations of it on your phone, on a case, the cinematographer’s phone. First of all, how did you guys keep it a secret that you guys were doing the Walking on Water? But it was spectacular. It was spectacular on the big screen. It was emotional. And Beth said, she’s like, This is my favorite episode ever of the chosen. I agree with her. And it was a spectacular final to the season.

Well, that is very kind of you. And I have actually seen Jesus Revolution. I watched it with my wife, Amanda, and we are also big fans of it, a lot of really powerful moments. And so first of all, before I ask Jonathan, because Jonathan is here, about his thoughts on Jesus Revolution, why he did it, what the connection is between this and the chosen, what is Jesus Revolution for those who have not seen the movie yet? Because most haven’t, obviously, because it.

Comes out. It comes out here in a week. Jesus Revolution is a movie. It’s a movie coming to theaters on the 22nd of the Month. And we’ve made other films like I Can Only Imagine and America Underdog. But while we were making all those films, I’ve been trying to get this movie made for seven years, a long, long time. It’s the story of the last great revival in America. It’s the origin of that in Southern California. And it’s fun and heartfelt and funny because this spiritual awakening happened with the hippies in Southern California when it’s a square pastor named Chuck Smith threw his doors open, who Kelsey Grammer portrays in the film. And he has incredible… Beautiful.

Kelsey is great.

Yeah. You should use him, by the way. I don’t know. I don’t know what parts.

Are open. He’s a little white and a little non Jewish for our show. But i think.

Some Roman, I don’t know. Anyway, he’s incredible. He’s great. And I remember Greg Laurie saying, Pastor Greg Laurie, saying that when Chuck Smith met Lani Frisbie, who Jonathan portrays, it was like nitro meeting Glycerin. So I had become a huge fan of the show and gotten to know Jonathan, got to know you and thought, Hey, what’s there by doing in the off season? So Jonathan stars in the film brilliantly, a case who cinematographer for the chosen also shoots the movie. So I borrowed some stuff.

I remember. I remember getting ready to start filming season three and wondering, hey, can my actor start reading scripts yet, or is he too busy with your movie? And can my cinematographer come here for prep, or is he too busy doing your movie?

I was just keeping them warm.

It was a tough road for me to become a fan of the movie, but it was good. Remember the Time magazine? My parents, by the way, the reason my name is Dallas is because my dad, my parents were at the culmination of the Jesus Revolution, which landed at Explo 72 in Dallas, Texas, where 100,000 at least it was…

It was a quarter million. A quarter million. A quarter million that night and then a quarter million the next day.

Were there just… And my dad had such a… I mean, he’d already been a believer, but he had a radical spiritual revival in his heart. And I was named Dallas because of that.

But my parents were there, too.

At Explo 702. And so were my wife’s parents. It’s insane. Yeah, it’s crazy. But this Time magazine article.

So this Time magazine. I got this on eBay in 2015. I was doing a movie called Woodlawn and researching that time period. Before we did I can only imagine. I got this on eBay. This was four years after there was a Time magazine that just had the words is God dead on it. And to just no picture. First time, Time magazine didn’t have a photograph. And there was this 10 page spread that you can’t read online that was the most positive for Time magazine to write that way about Christianity. It was buoyant, it was like it was optimistic and it was this positive account of this revival that was sweeping America. I grew up in the job for Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up in the Church and was saved when I was five years old, but I had never experienced anything like that. Neither has anyone in our generation at all or anyone younger than us. I just began to think, can this happen again in our time? I spent years and years researching it and every film that we made, it was like, I just want to get to make Jesus Revolution. So the fact that Lionsgate, the movie studio, let us make this movie called Jesus Revolution with the level of authenticity we put into the film is a miracle.

I still don’t know how it happened. It’s just a total miracle. I love the movie and I love Jonathan’s performance in it, Kelsey and the rest of the cast. It’s fun and funny, but it’s also really meaningful and there’s a movement behind it, which is maybe this can happen again today.

Yeah. Jonathan, hi there.

Hello, gentlemen. How are you?

Hi. The Chosen takes a lot out of you as an actor, not just when you’re filming, but the prep for it. You have a lot to memorize. I don’t know if you remember this, Jonathan, but there were a lot of big scenes in season three. Yeah. yeah, I know.

I’m going to trust John on that one. I’m going to take a look.

For it. Yeah. But to get you to commit, because you’re a very committed actor in general, you’re a very hard worker. You go all in on everything you do. But So to convince you to do another movie shortly before a big season of The Chosen would have required a lot of trust and excitement on your part to try to pull that off. Talk a little bit about that. What drew you to the script? What drew you to think it was worth it to lose the weight that you did to commit what you did to learn about this character, L onnie Frisbie, to do all the research, to go all in like you always do? What was it that made you believe this was worth it?

Well, it starts with the script. Any of the projects, especially when you haven’t worked with somebody like I hadn’t worked with John before I met him, I loved him and Andy. They were great. When I met him last September, I think it was, when they premiered the Jesus Music movie. I had heard ruminations about this story, but I hadn’t read a script, I don’t think, at that point. Or maybe it was a little earlier, John. I think that was the first time we had met in person, right?

Of course, I don’t remember.

The premiere for the Jesus Music, which is this really great documentary about some of the music that came out of that time.

That was last fall, I believe. I mean.

Fall of 2020. It was somewhere around there. We got to know each other, but it had never worked together.

For sure. Right, it never worked together. Then I think after that, he sent me the script, and the script was just tremendous. It was phenomenal. I had no idea about this story. I had never heard of these characters or these figures in spiritual church history before. Once I started looking into what the story was and who these people were and who Lani was, I was like, Holy mackerel. How did ow can I not do this? It was a no brainer. Then it was just a matter of figuring out the logistics. As with anything else, I put it before God and I just said, God, if there’s a way for this to happen, there’s a way that you can allow me to do this project and The Chosen in one shot. I’ll give it everything I got. F ortunately, he’s like, Yeah, we’re going to have you do both. Which left me, I think, two weeks between finishing Jesus Revolution and starting season three.

Might have been a little less than that. Season three was great. Might have been a little less than that. But who’s counting? I think it was actually 127 hours and 30 minutes was.

The difference. Something like that. That sounds about right. Let’s go right into walking on the water. I forget when.

You guys were filming that. The first thing we did actually with Jonathan was Episode 3, which is him coming home to his hometown and big, long scenes with Mother Mary. And we went right into it. And then that.

Second week was the tank in Louisiana.

Yeah. So it was intense. But I forgot to mention at the beginning, we actually have an exclusive clip that we’re going to show in just a few moments that no one has seen yet. It’s from the movie. It’s a beautiful, beautiful scene. We’ll show that in a second. But Jonathan, when you look at the trailer for Jesus Revolution, you see the beard and the long hair. In fact, some people have actually thought you’re playing Jesus again in a modern context. As a hippie. No, he’s not playing Jesus. It’s Lani Frisbee, who’s definitely not Jesus.

That’d be a whole other Gospel.

Yes. But they’re obviously slightly similar looks because of the beard and whatnot, but obviously significantly different characters. And the process for you, a lot of actors have one approach that they take to all their characters. And can you talk about the difference between your approach and process for the chosen playing Jesus, where you can’t really go full quote unquote method where you’re trying to truly be Jesus on set because of course that’s impossible. But you wanted to maybe do a little bit of that because you and I talked a little bit during this process. Maybe do a little bit of that for Jesus ref. But what’s the difference in terms of as an approach, as an actor between playing Jesus and playing someone like Lani?

Yeah, thanks for the question. With Jesus, there’s a lot of subjective prep. There’s so much that I can read through the Gospels, so much that I can research on my own. There’s obviously no footage of Jesus, so there’s nothing to work off of in that respect where as far as different kinds of approaches go, there’s what they call inside out and then outside in. So if I’m working inside out as an actor, I’m starting with stuff that maybe stimulates me emotionally that produces the right tones and feelings and emotions organically that fit with the character versus working outside in like, okay, sometimes I need like a certain outfit will make me take on a certain attitude, a certain lifestyle or beard or something. Or in this case, losing 20, 25 pounds makes you feel physically completely different. So it affects a different body posture. With Jesus, it’s much more inside out and then just praying and meditating and scripture and then getting out of the way to let the Holy Spirit inhabit the words. I just filter them out and what comes out as my version of Jesus. With Lani, I had a lot of video to look at, photos, recordings of him, people that knew him and walked with him and ministered with him and ministered stood alongside him in personal recollections.

Roger Sax, the co author of the trilogy of his autobiography, I spoke to him at great length to know what it was like, what Lani was really like in person, what was his stature, so that was more working outside in. Lanny was a very petite man, so he was maybe, I think they said, probably around like 5’5, less than 100 pounds soaking wet. He had a size 7 or 6 shoe or something like that. So he was tiny. Because I’m 6 feet tall and I was like 175 pounds, I said, Well, how do I convincingly move in that direction? So at least I feel a little thinner and more slight in physicality. And so what made sense for me was to lose as much weight as I could in that amount of time safely, of course, with a trainer. And luckily, we hit our goal and I was pretty skinny. But yeah, those are some of the broad stroke differences of approaches to those characters.

You literally transformed. I’ve never had the privilege of working with a lot of wonderful actors, but you it through a process that you transformed into what I call it method light, really. We literally called you, Lani, on the set and you discovered and stayed in this accent. And it was so cool because we’re able to use actual historical photographs at the end of the movie and just show people how close you got and appearance and mannerisms and words. And it was spot on. It’s an incredible performance. And you have that natural gift of intensity. But it was a complete transformation in a way I’ve seen few actors do, and it was cool.

Sorry, just to put a finer point on that with the method thing. So there’s a lot of stuff that a lot of confusion about what is method and is it living in a cabin? Is it living on the beach for three months? And that’s not technically the method. It’s a series of exercises that help you create actual circumstances in your own life to help create these authentic or emotional reactions. But I think for me, when I knew I actually won you guys over is when I was talking to Brent on set, and he’s putting my information in his phone, like my contact information. And for the first name, he’s typing Lani. And he just completely was like, Oh, my gosh. I was just about to put you in my phone as Lani Frisbie. So to me, that was like, Okay, mission accomplished.

Method is where usually you see it on set when an actor is trying to inhabit the role even off camera, just to try to stay in that presence. A lot of our actors on the chosen, including Jonathan, will talk in the accent all day so that they don’t slip out of the accident, but we don’t have any actors who literally are like in character 12 hours of the day and more than eating lunch and stuff like that.

I don’t know how people maintain that. To me, it’s just a lot of extra energy.

Yeah, exactly. But everyone has a different approach. But we have this clip that I want to show, Jon, you can set it up. And then after the clip, we have another trailer that I want to show you that’s really cool. It’s the latest Jesus Revolution trailer that really turned out great. But I want you to set it up. And then after this clip, I want to ask Jonathan also about who Lani Frisbie is and Jonathan’s experience in this scene. But what’s the scene we’re about.

To show? Yeah. So this is the photography in Time magazine and in Life and some of the other… The most iconic photography of the Jesus movement was at this place Pirates Cove, and it’s in Southern California. And there were these mass baptism. Most baptisms ever recorded in American history was during the Jesus movement. And so there were these spontaneous mass baptism, and that started out of Calvary Chapel. And we could have filmed that when you do a film, you could film anywhere. Technically, you could go to pretty much any beach and do that. But I just felt like there was a sacredness to that location, and we should go back where it actually happened and match the photographs. Very difficult location. It’s like a crescent moon and its jagged rocks. You got to go up and over. There’s no way to get gear over. But we went back to the actual spot and we had like 500 extras. And it’s one of the most… It’s my favorite scene, I think that I’ve ever had in a movie just because of its power. And we felt it on the day. I can talk about that after. But this is where Jonathan playing Lani is baptized in Greg, played by Joe Courtney.

And we’ve been with these teenagers and Greg for half of the movie. So this is right halfway through the movie. And you’ve been with these.

So Greg meaning Greg Laurie, who’s obviously the well known pastor today who does massive events and whatnot. This is e see him as a teenager, his character being baptized by Lani, who Jonathan.

Is playing. Which absolutely happened. And it was beautiful. So yeah, check out the scene and then the power that we felt on the day.

Was incredible. No one’s seen this. So you’re getting this before anybody else. So enjoy this right now.

It’s just water. What? I’m just saying light as you say? Why is it going to prove? Right, it’s just water.

Why are you.

Freaking out?

I’m not freaking out. I’m not freaking out? Okay, I’m freaking.

Out a little bit.

You’re going to be fine.

You fully accept Jesus Christ.


You are transformative. Your.


And soul, your life will never be the same.

You’re welcome.

How’d that feel? You’ll see. Hi.

Greg, right? Yeah. I’ve been praying for this moment since I first met you. Have you decided?


Don’t know. You want to decide right now? Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Then pray with me.

Lord Jesus, I.

Know I’m a sinner.

Lord Jesus, I know I’m a sinner. But you are the savior of the world. You are the savior of the world. I ask you to come into my life. I ask you to come into my life. I repent from my sins. I repent from all my sins. And I accept you as my Lord and savior, my God and friend.

And I accept you you as my.

Lord and Savior, my God and my Friend. Jesus’ name.

Jesus’ name. Amen.


I bapt you in the.

Name of the Father and of the Sun and of the Holy Spirit.

Amen. more. you. how do you feel?

I lie.

Thank you. Thank you. I love you. I love you. I love you. you. Yeah..

So that’s a really cool scene. And it’s the heart, I think, of the movie. And I remember when Amanda and I watched it, there was something powerful about going, man, it’s similar to certain scenes from the chosen where you’re going, I feel like we might actually be plausibly recreating what really happened and bringing it to life again. And in that scene, you go, This is a film version with music and with the effects that only film can have. But it’s a plausible recreation of something that really had a huge impact on the world. I mean, Greg Laurie and what God has done through him is extraordinary. So, Jonathan, you had Lani Frisbie baptized in Greg Lurrie. Real quick, who is Lani Frisbie? And what about that scene when you were filming it for you, Jonathan, had an impact as well?

So Lani Frisbie was this vessel of the Holy Spirit. He was a man, really a kid. He was a young young man who came from a very, very troubled childhood. Most of his life was filled with suffering from the time he was about three years old, up until he was a teenager and he left home. When God called him to become a Minister, he was high on LSD in the mountains of Palm Springs. And literally, the story is that this vibration descended over the canyon, and he had this vision of Jesus pointing him to the Pacific Ocean, which, of course, you couldn’t actually see from Palm Springs. It’s too far. It’s hours away. But he saw Jesus showed him the Pacific Ocean. And instead of being filled with water, it was filled with these kids, these teenagers, these hippies that were yearning for God desperately. And he told them, You’re going to bring these souls to me. And he literally sobered out of that vision, went down the mountain like Moses, preaching the gospel to anybody who would listen. E ventually, he came across Chuck Smith, and that started this explosion, this nitrogen, this nitro, this chalice ring that John mentioned, how Pastor Greg characterized it.

So, Lani had done an altar call at Pastor Greg’s high school. So, Pastor Greg came to Christ in his high school because Lani was on the campus preaching to kids. He would just show up and preach to kids and have kids and have crowds of them just following him and just listening to him wrapped with attention. And you see a little bit of that in the film actually. And then when he started going to Calvary, I think he was going to Calvary Chapel, then eventually made the commitment to get baptized. And then Lani baptized him in the scene as we’re filming, recreating the baptism. We had the lines of the script. And then I was talking with Pastor Greg at length and asking how to make this as authentic as possible. And so I said, What would you say to somebody if you were baptized? In them now. And so Pastor Greg basically told me what he said. He gave me a version of what he would say. And we were literally fighting the sunset. I mean, the sun was like it was inches from setting, and we had this much time to try to get it.

And by God’s Grace, we rolled and we did that scene and we got it just as the sun setting. And it was all the things, all the components to make the baptism valid, I guess you would say. And it was just completely, it was almost mystical in a way how we filmed it and what happened as we did it. Throughout the course of those few days that we were there, as John may have mentioned earlier, or even when we’re talking before, people were actually getting baptized while we were filming. In fact, we had two cameras rolling at one point on either side, and it was a wide shot. And then I was in the middle of the water, Kelsey was off to the side, or maybe even one of the other pastors. There was an actual pastor from Calvary Chapel that was acting as a pastor, baptized people along one of the days that money was preaching or baptized. This woman starts, one of the takes, this woman’s waiting through the water trying to get to me. We’re rolling and she says, I have to tell you something. I’m like thinking, Oh, because you don’t know what’s going to happen because this is not scripted.

Nobody was supposed to be saying anything. I said, What do you got? She’s like, I want to do this for real. Can we.

Do this for real?

I said, You mean you want to get baptized for real? She said, Yeah, can I do that? I said, Let’s do it. I asked her her name and I call her Jenny for the sake of anonymity. I said, All right, Jenny, let’s do it. I said, Do you accept, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? She’s like, Absolutely. I said, Do you repent of your sins? She said, Every single one of them. I took her and I said, I bapt you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I dumped her and she came up and there were tears running down her face and she just waited back out with such buoyancy. Then on one of the shots in the montage of the baptism, you actually see her coming out right after that moment. It was pretty special.

There were a bunch of… I’ve never felt a level of power. You talk a lot about the miracles when you make chosen. Every movie requires miracles to get made. But in my career, I’ve never felt a moment that powerful. I remember the Calvary Chapel pastor came up and he’s like, I’m telling you, God’s Spirit’s here. If we just had a service right now, there’d be a huge response. I’m like, We can’t do this. Sun setting. We’re building a movie. You can do that. But then while we’re filming your baptism as you’re baptized, Greg, Greg Laurie, pastor, real character was probably 100 yards away. One of the cast members who hadn’t acted in 14 years. Sean, he was bapt him. I’ve just never had a day like that. You could just feel it. I hope that power comes through in the movie. But it was several people making very real decisions. It was just so powerful. I’m like, man, I was baptized as a kid. Vaptize me. This is incredible. It was a powerful moment. The prayer in which is that was not written in the script. That was something that Jonathan and Greg came up with and rehearsed and the way you guys put your foreheads together.

And it was just so authentic because we could only do it once because of where the sun was at. And that’s the take that’s in the film. And so there was something magical about it. It was really powerful.

Yeah. No, it’s a great scene and it’s a powerful film. I feel like the Chosen is the story of Jesus, the origin story of Jesus of Nazareth. And then Jesus’ revolution is like 2,000 years later, the consequences of that being revived and putting on the cover of Time and Time magazine, the Jesus Revolution.

Yeah, I love that it says it’s Jesus. It’s not a social revolution, whatever. It’s a Jesus revolution. And it was so undeniable, that’s what they had to put on the cover.

It’s incredible. So it’s really cool that in February here, we’ve got the release of the conclusion of season 3 of The Chosen. And you see Jonathan playing not only the man who was the cause of all of it, literally the origin of this whole thing, but then also the man who reignited it in America, 2,000 years later, which is really special. We’ll close with this before we show a trailer because we got to… The latest trailer for Jesus Revolution is really cool. But Jonathan, real quick, and then John, what do you most want people to get out of it when they see this movie? You want them to walk out of Jesus Revolution thinking or feeling what?

If a person doesn’t have a relationship to Jesus, what I would hope is that this inspires their curiosity to have one and to seek. And if they do have one, that it will bring them deeper into that relationship and to also, maybe if they’re from a different denomination, to see how ecumenical this movement was because it affected so many different kinds of Christians and people from all different walks of the faith. I think it would be to bring a sense of strong of faith to the viewer. And then also, I think, to continue in the vein of the chosen to amplify and qualify the quality of this filmmaking that tells these stories because for so long Christian filmmaking has had such a bad rap and it’s a great share of really high level artistic endeavors. And I think Jesus Revolution is an example of fantastic, phenomenal filmmaking just as much as the chosen is for television filmmaking, television making and filmmaking in its own rights. I can’t express my gratitude greater than to just say how honored I am to be a part of both of these projects. And I feel like it’s only by God’s grace and by God’s and God’s hand that I can be attached to two phenomenal projects that are in theaters that have such strong quality and such beautiful methods of telling these stories.

That’s awesome. It’s also when you’re to have someone so dedicated to their faith, which you are, but also as dedicated to their craft. That is a privilege because I remember the first few scenes we did together, I’m like, man, Jonathan is really good, especially going up against Kelsey Grammer, who’s done everything from Fraser to McBeth, over a four decade period. And you guys are going toe to toe and really brilliantly. And so it’s great to see that dedication. For me, first of all, we’re entertainers. So I hope that people laugh and cry and have a great time in theater. It’s one of those films where there’s so many different ways into the story that a lot of different people can watch it together and really enjoy it. I’ve never had as much fun with an audience watching a film. We played at Liberty and they were cheering during the movie and that doesn’t happen.

Other than when they’re watching.

The chosen. Yeah, of course.

But I see your point. I get.

You. they cheer songs. They rarely get to you. They cheer sometimes. Very rarely happens except amazing TV shows.

You guys have got the market covered. You realize, TV film covered.

That’s it. We’re done. We’re good. For the month of February, we’re basically your choices. But in entertaining people, you really get an opportunity. My hope for this has always been, I tell people, is probably the most selfish film I’ve ever made because I just wanted to experience a spiritual awakening in my own life and in my family. The idea that God uses flawed, broken people of whom I fit right in, in these moments in time like this is really cool. Just yesterday, say actually, Beth and I drove over to this… We were wrapping another movie near Asbury College, and there’s this spontaneous revival happening there that happened in 1970 as well, and we just wanted to feel it. My hope overarching for this film is that people will see it and say, Maybe this can happen again. Maybe there could be another Jesus revolution. We’re at a time that’s just as desperate now. That was the key word to that movement, was it was just such a desperate time in America, and I just think that we’re back. That’s the last time God really intervened and showed up in a big way. And that’s my hope.

That’s my hope is that people will see it and say, Maybe this can happen in my life, in my family, in my city in America, and this could happen again. So yeah, go check it out.

Yeah, absolutely. Go check it out. And the best way for us to continue to do things like this is when they’re actually successful. Hate to use that word because success has a different meaning for some people, including us. But yeah, if there can be a strong opening weekend, I would encourage you not to wait for it to come to streaming if you don’t have to. Some people can’t. They can’t go see it in theaters. We experienced that with the Chosin. They don’t have the means or they don’t have the opportunity, and that’s okay. But if you do, I would strongly encourage you to see it on the big screen. It’s better on the big screen. And if you can see it opening weekend, that’s what keeps it in theaters longer. It’s a math equation. The theaters aren’t against playing movies like ours. They’ve loved it. They extended the days for the chosen because it was successful. They will extend the days for Jesus’ revolution. There’s no incentive for them to take it out of theaters as long as people are getting tickets.

And it’s amazing. Make sure you do that. When we watch it, it triggers this thing called FOMO, which is the fear of missing out. We unify our voice. I remember that felt with I can only imagine. It just happened with the chosen. When you so shock the system. A bunch of people that would never see a movie like this show up out of curiosity. Go check it out. It starts on Wednesday night. It’s hard to get tickets. It’s mostly sold out. But there’s a special access with bonus footage, including Greg Laurie sharing a gospel presentation, which, again, I can’t believe Lionsgate is letting us do. But check it out. It’s coming to theaters this weekend.

Absolutely. And look, this is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. And it’s an opportunity to see films that are high quality be in theaters along with everything else. We’re not trying to replace Hollywood. We’re just trying to have a voice in culture. And that’s what this film does. It’s really great. Jonathan, you really did great in the film. I was really proud of you. I remember the first time I saw it. So it’s exciting. More to come. Thank you. Hopefully, we’ll be doing some more things. We’ll be talking about other things and other projects as well. Let’s keep this going. But we don’t want you to do a favor. No one owes the Jesus Revolution a favor. You should go see it because you want to see it. And here’s the reason why. Check out this trailer right now, and hopefully it will encourage you to want to go see it, regardless of whether I’m recommending it, which I am. So check out this trailer now.

Our country is a.

Dark and divided place.

But in that tent, there’s hope and unity and miracles that I.

Can’t even explain.

I’d like you to meet my new friend, Lani Frisbee, and some of his friends.


These kids are runaways, most of them. They need our help. Chuck, stop. They don’t belong here. Agreed?

There’s this Church. It’s called Calvary Chapel. When we say we’re.

Looking for truth, what if this is true?

Because everything.

That we’ve been trying is not working for me. I just.

Can’t be laid down again.

What I felt in.

There, I haven’t…

What if it’s good for a minute and then it’s gone one day?

We can find out together.

Seems the movement’s everywhere.

Los Angeles.

Even in the south, it’s spreading like wildfire. Is this the beach.

Where people get baptized? We drove all the.

Way here.




I don’t know if any of this is real.

Kind of hope it is, to be honest.

It’s a family man.

Don’t give up on it. We’ll know that we are Christians by the morning.

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  1. I’ve been saying for years that we need a Jesus revolution ! This movie was so much what I envisioned. Loved the movie ( based on truth) and all of the cast. Can’t wait to watch The Chosen. Wonderful cast and such an inspiration. I could watch this over and over again. Jesus has NOT left the building and I foresee it becoming more evident. LOVED it ! Will definitely tell all of my friends to watch it. God bless you all.

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