It's Family Movie Night! Featured Movies & Episodes on Living Scriptures Streaming

It’s Family Movie Night! Featured Movies & Episodes on Living Scriptures Streaming

New This Week

Our top new title,Β The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone,Β is an exciting adventure about God’s love! In this thrilling fantasy, a search for lost treasure transports two teens into the past. Will they be able to realize their own value and get back home?

Israel Splits: 2 Kings 17-25

In this week’s Line Upon Line episode,Β Israel Splits: 2 Kings 17-25, discover how we are all involved in the greatest game of hide and seek ever! As Israel forgets who they are and become lost, we learn how we are commanded to gather the Children.

Featured Title: Uncle Nino

This week’s featured title,Β Uncle Nino, starring Joe Mantegna, is a comedy about an overworked man who has little time for his wife and kids. When an estranged uncle comes from Italy, can these individuals come together and remember the importance of family?

Featured Playlist: Family Movie Night

Looking for movies that the whole family can agree on and enjoy? Watch heartwarming, entertaining, and funny movies on our featured playlist, Family Movie Night! Check outΒ Address Unknown,Β A Horse Called Bear,Β Charlie & Me, and many more.

Scripture Explorers: The Treasure of King Josiah
2 Kings 17-25

After many wicked kings, Hezekiah and his grandson Josiah ruled in righteousness. Join James and Aria to discover how Josiah found a great treasure.

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Music & the Spoken Word:
The Greatest Commandments

The world would be different if our actions were consistently motivated by love for God and love for our neighbor, whether our neighbor is across the street or across the world.

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Come Follow Me Insights:
Lost and Found
2 Kings 17-25

Taylor and Tyler talk about the history of the scattering of Israel in this week’s episode.

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Weekly Come Follow Me Lesson:
Trust in God and His Prophet

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