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If President Trump were a Mormon Missionary…

Check out this parody…

Prepare to Serve’s description on the video reads as follows:

After video interviewing nearly 1,000 returned Mormon missionaries, we thought it’d be fun to interview President Donald Trump about his experiences as a Mormon missionary.

This parody interview highlights President Trump’s thoughts on deciding to serve, The Book of Mormon, General Conference, key indicators, disobedience, etc.

If you want us to create more funny parody videos, let us know in the comments!

Video transcript:…

Contact for media inquiries:

*This video was not intended to make fun of President Trump, we just thought some returned missionaries might enjoy this.

*This video is not affiliated with our church.

*Mormon is a nickname commonly used to refer to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To learn about our Christian values and beliefs, visit

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