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 #HowIThank | Creating a deeper gratitude towards God | Skylight

@notyouraveragethrpst Finding gratitude in the midst of struggle is hard! So I’ve partnered with @Skylight App to bring you a 3 minute activity! Check the 🔗🔗 for the full video which is only 3 minutes!! #skylightpartner #howithank ♬ original sound – notyouraveragethrpst

It’s become a thing to complain about many interactions around Thanksgiving—awkward conversations, strange uncles, etc.   

But what if we changed the focus?  

What if, instead of obsessing about what’s around us, we obsessed over what’s inside, nurtured a gratitude mindset toward God, and absorbed the scientifically proven, happy-making benefits of gratitude?   

On November 10, 14 days before Thanksgiving (November 24), Skylight hosts the #HowIThank challenge.   

They have 14 influencers, and every day from the 10th to the 24th, a different influencer will release a brief gratitude exercise on their social channel.   

Each influencer will also create an exclusive gratitude exercise to be hosted on Skylight, and will use the two posts on their own Tik Tok and Instagram platforms during that 14-day period to also encourage people to go to Skylight and participate in their exclusive exercise/activity there.


Each day will feature a brief gratitude activity.

Join the exercise and we know you will be left with a deeper gratitude towards God!

Need a shift in mood and perspective?

These activities will be a sure way to enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable mental journey that changes—even just a little—how you see the world around you.


@abi_gxrl #Sponsored Come sit back and do a FREE Heart Check Exercise with me on the Skylight Spiritual Wellness App today 💛🌱 I put together an easy and simple guide to help understand and address your emotions #HowIThank ♬ original sound – ABI GXRL

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