Ever get tired of having to go back and remove the little superscript a’s, b’s, and c’s from scriptures you copied and pasted from LDS.org? Sure we know you can just click the link on the right to “Hide Footnotes,” but then the links are gone too. Want the best of both? The website Mormon Liberals has created a Chrome Extension and a FireFox plugin called “No LDS Footnotes” that does just that. It removes the little superscript letters, but leaves the link on the word following. So you can still view the footnotes, but don’t end up copy/pasting the superscript characters. It’s perhaps even simpler in it’s operation than the extension we previously shared that shows the Joseph Smith Translation inline.

Now being just before an election, please understand this post is in no way political. Installing this plugin will not trigger a $10 donation from Google to either Mormon Liberals or the Obama campaign… it will trigger a $100 donation to both!

Just kidding. It won’t do anything. This is merely a highly useful (and badly needed) extension/plugin, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Do you find it useful?