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How THE CHOSEN is changing all of Christianity


Since, as a response to the quarantine crisis, we announced we were making the show completely hassle-free to watch all over the world (no cost, no delays), the show has had a bit of an explosion:

The app is one of the top 15 Entertainment apps in the world right now, downloaded around 100,000 times a day.

Making the show free and easy has resulted in viewers “paying it forward” at 3-4x the daily rate we were getting previously. Pay it forwards, DVD sales, and merchandise sales are significantly ahead of projections.

Considering the above, we are currently generating enough income to finance an entire season each year. If we open another investment round soon, it would only be to fasttrack Seasons Two and Three (we don’t want to wait a year, of course). Go check out our Season Two funding progress in the app! Hopefully “pay it forwards” will continue to rise.

Our social media channels have doubled in followers in the last month. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, they are exploding.

But more important than anything else is the spiritual impact. We are hearing from literally hundreds of people every day about how the show is changing their lives, drawing them closer to Scripture and Jesus than ever before, and how it’s given them immeasurable hope during this crisis. Please go check out the comments on our social media posts, it will move you deeply.

Thank you so much for your partnership, and stay tuned for more!

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