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HEART OF AFRICA is Now Available on Living Scriptures — New Purchase or Rental


This amazing movie received the 2020 Audience Choice Award at the LDS Film Festival this year. However, the theatrical release was cut short due to COVID-19.

We are excited to share how you can now enjoy this inspiring movie in the comfort of your home.

Seven days ago, the award-winning film, HEART OF AFRICA released in 20 theaters throughout Utah. The film released very well considering all that is happening in the world. During opening week, the film faced limited showtimes due to theaters tightening their hours of operation, capped seating, and the ongoing fear of gathering in groups. Ultimately theater attendance came to a halt and people were strongly encouraged to hunker down in their homes and practice social distancing.
Cut short due to COVID-19 (new Coronavirus), cinemas in Utah closed their doors and any hopes of expanding this amazing film of self-discovery, brotherhood, and redemption filmed entirely on location in the Democratic Republic of the Congo into additional markets are put on hold.
In response to closing movie theatres, filmmakers Tshoper Kabambi and Margaret Blair Young, in collaboration with Living Scriptures, Purdie Distribution, and Excel Entertainment have partnered to bring you this inspiring movie direct to your homes. HEART OF AFRICA is now available to be seen on-demand at www.livingscriptures.com/heart  – A 24-hour rental will cost $7.99 and a download to own the film is $15.99.
Bring some warmth and inspiration to your home in this time of social distancing.

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