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Happy Pioneer Day! from BYU Studies

Come, Follow Me Resources

Doctrine and Covenants 84

“The Power of Godliness”

N.K. Whitney Store, 1907.
In September 1832, Joseph Smith listened to the accounts of elders returning from missions in the eastern United States. He said, “While together in these seasons of joy, I enquired of the Lord and received the following” (Doctrine and Covenants 84).
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“Latter-day Saints and Images of Christ’s Crucifixion”

By John Hilton III, Anthony Sweat, Josh Stratford
Christ on the Cross
This week we are featuring an article from the latest issue of BYU Studies Quarterly, “Latter-day Saints and Images of Christ’s Crucifixion,” by John Hilton III, Anthony Sweat, and Josh Stratford. This article takes a look at some of the oldest and newest artworks of the Crucifixion published by the Church and analyzes how a modern audience of Latter-day Saints responds to imagery of Christ’s Atonement.
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New Testament Highlights

Detecting Jewish Sources Quoted in the New Testament Not Found in the Old Testament

By David Larsen

This week’s featured segment from Hebrews Commentary Conference is a lecture from David Larsen, “Detecting Jewish Sources Quoted in the New Testament Not Found in the Old Testament.” View it here:
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Pioneer History

Did you miss any of these pioneer articles?

We have been sharing several pioneer-themed articles throughout the week to give you plenty of options for learning about the early pioneers. Click on an image to be redirected to its article.

Hannah Tapfield King, Poetess and Pioneer
Dancing the Buckles off Their Shoes in Pioneer Utah
Sail and Rail Pioneers Before 1869
The Closedown of LDS Iowa Settlements in 1852 That Completed the Nauvoo Exodus and Jampacked the Mormon Trail

The Best Resource for Pioneer Stories

Are you aware of the fantastic resource at Pioneer Database, sponsored by the Church History Department? It can be searched by the name of a pioneer company or an individual. Nearly 60,000 pioneers are listed. It contains links to maps, company rosters, pioneer journals, newspaper articles, reminiscences, and many other documents.
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Featured Poem

What Her Missionary Son’s Letter Didn’t Say

By Darlene Young

Rain hangs in the air.
Even my underwear feels wet.

I listen to the tapping fingertips
of the bodies of bugs hitting netting
at night. Gray water. Bare floors.

My companion is

The people
are more real
than anyone I’ve ever met—
than you, maybe,
in that long-ago world.

My companion won’t sing.
This is the rainy season.

This poem tied for first place in the 2021 Clinton F. Larson Poetry Contest, sponsored by BYU Studies.
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