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Genesis 42-50 – “God Meant It unto Good”


Joseph provided bread for Israel and saved them from death. His brothers, who had betrayed him, bowed to him. In these ways and more, Joseph is a type of Christ.

“Joseph as a Type of Christ in Syriac Literature,” Kristian S. Heal, BYU Studies, Vol. 41, no. 1

Early Christians found parallels between the life of Joseph and the life of Christ. A table in this article points out fifty-six comparable events: Joseph and Jesus were shepherds, both were especially beloved by their fathers, both had their brothers or close ones seek to kill them, and so forth. Finding such parallels puts Christ at the heart of the Joseph story. This article also lays out a short chiastic message of Joseph’s life, centering on Joseph being exalted in Egypt.

Genesis 37-50: Joseph: The Power of Preparation, Old Testament Student Manual, Genesis to 2 Samuel, Church Educational System

This study guide points out several themes in these chapters: Note the Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis 48:5–11. Joseph is a type of Christ. Jacob gave blessings to each of his twelve sons and gave Joseph “one portion” more than to his brothers. Jacob’s days were not “evil” but rather sorrowful. Study of 1 Nephi 19 and 2 Nephi 3 shows the role of Joseph in Book of Mormon prophecies. 

“A Message to Judah from Joseph,” Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign December 1976 

Joseph’s posterity is a “fruitful bough” with branches that run over the wall (Genesis 49:22). These blessings on Joseph’s posterity are being fulfilled today through the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon. President Benson remembers the scattering and suffering that the house of Israel has endured and asks God to bless the people of the house of Israel.

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