Elder Ulisses Soares | April 2024 General Conference | ‘Covenant Confidence through Jesus Christ' Summary and Study Questions

Elder Ulisses Soares | April 2024 General Conference | ‘Covenant Confidence through Jesus Christ’ Summary and Study Questions


Elder Ulisses Soares, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, delivered a discourse titled “Covenant Confidence through Jesus Christ” during the April 2024 #GeneralConference.

Elder Soares emphasizes the importance of developing “covenant confidence” through Jesus Christ, which is the assurance of receiving God’s blessings for those who keep their covenants. He underscores that this confidence is essential amidst the challenges of our day, empowering us to overcome doubt, despair, and difficulties. By entering the Lord’s house and making sacred covenants, we embark on a journey of becoming higher and holier disciples of Christ, which deepens our relationship with Him and brings sanctification to our souls.

Elder Soares reflects on the global construction of new temples and their significance as symbols of the Lord’s expanding kingdom. He cautions against getting lost in the excitement of new temples and urges members to focus on the holy purpose of the covenants made within them. He shares personal experiences and scriptural examples, particularly highlighting Nephi’s unwavering confidence in the Lord’s promises, to illustrate the power of covenant confidence. This confidence, he explains, is a powerful force that can help us live faithfully and steadfastly in a challenging world.

Furthermore, Elder Soares stresses the importance of continuous preparation for temple worship, not only for first-time attendees but for all members. He highlights the teachings of President Russell M. Nelson on the centrality of the temple in strengthening our faith and spiritual fortitude. By regularly attending the temple and keeping our covenants, we transform our lives, imbue our homes with the spirit of the Lord’s house, and cultivate an environment of kindness and unity. Elder Soares concludes with a call to let our confidence wax strong through our holy covenants with God, assuring us that such confidence will guide us through life’s trials and bring us closer to eternal life.

Main Points from Elder Soares’ Remarks

  1. Sacred Journey in the Temple: Entering the Lord’s house begins a sacred journey to become higher and holier disciples of Christ.
  2. Covenant Confidence: Confidence in the covenants made through Jesus Christ is essential for receiving God’s blessings amidst challenging circumstances.
  3. Symbolism of New Temples: The construction of new temples worldwide symbolizes the expansion of the Lord’s kingdom and brings great rejoicing.
  4. Purpose of Temple Covenants: It’s crucial not to lose sight of the sacred purpose of temple covenants amid the excitement of new temples.
  5. Holiness to the Lord: The inscription on temples invites us to become holier disciples, forming a sacred bond with God and Christ.
  6. Empowerment Through Covenants: Covenant confidence empowers us to overcome doubt, despair, and challenges by increasing our devotion and gratitude for Christ.
  7. Nephi’s Example: Nephi’s confidence in the Lord’s promises exemplifies the power of covenant confidence to accomplish God’s commands.
  8. Personal Witnesses: Elder Soares shares examples of individuals demonstrating pure confidence in eternal promises despite personal challenges.
  9. Teaching Covenant Confidence: Encouraging children and youth to prepare for temple covenants builds a foundation of confidence and commitment.
  10. Continuous Preparation: All members should perpetually prepare to enter the temple, enhancing their relationship with Christ.
  11. President Nelson’s Teachings: The temple is central to strengthening faith and spiritual fortitude through Christ’s teachings and covenants.
  12. Transformation Through Temples: Regular temple worship transforms us, imbuing our lives with the Spirit of the Lord and guiding us to act with kindness and confidence.

Open-Ended Study Questions To Consider

  1. How can we individually and collectively cultivate “covenant confidence” in our daily lives?
  2. In what ways can the construction of new temples inspire and strengthen our faith?
  3. How can we ensure that the excitement of new temples doesn’t overshadow the sacred purpose of temple covenants?
  4. What steps can we take to deepen our understanding and commitment to the covenants we make in the temple?
  5. How can Nephi’s example of confidence in the Lord’s promises guide us in facing our own challenges?
  6. What are some practical ways to prepare ourselves and our families for temple worship and covenants?
  7. How can we better integrate the teachings and spirit of the temple into our homes and daily lives?
  8. In what ways can the temple serve as a source of empowerment and strength during difficult times?
  9. How can we help others, especially youth and new members, develop a strong testimony and confidence in temple covenants?
  10. What role does humility play in gaining and maintaining covenant confidence through Jesus Christ?
  11. How can we recognize and appreciate the miracles and tender mercies that come from our covenant relationship with God?
  12. How can we ensure that our interactions, both online and offline, reflect the spirit of the temple and promote kindness and unity?

Great Quotes from Elder Soares’ Talk

  1. “Covenant confidence through Jesus Christ is the quiet yet certain assurance of receiving the blessings that God promises for those who keep their covenants.”
  2. “As we make covenants in holiness before God and commit to follow the Savior, we receive the power to change our hearts, renew our spirits, and deepen our relationship with Him.”
  3. “Such confidence is the pinnacle of our divine connection with God and can help us increase our devotion to and gratitude for Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice.”
  4. “Because of Nephi’s confidence in the Lord’s promises, he was able to accomplish what he had been commanded to do.”
  5. “If there is one thing we could possess—and one thing we could pass on to our children and grandchildren that would help each in the tests and trials ahead—it would be confidence in the covenants made through Jesus Christ.”
  6. “The temple lies at the center of strengthening our faith and spiritual fortitude because the Savior and His doctrine are the very heart of the temple.”
  7. “As we change our preparation to enter the temple, we will change our experience in the temple, which will transform our lives outside of the temple.”

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