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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s “Lord, I Believe” is a great treatise on belief and doubt

This is honestly one of the best talks on belief, questioning, and doubt.

This is honestly one of the best talks on belief, questioning, and doubt.

I know in my personal faith journey, I sometimes am too quick to cast doubt before remembering the times I have felt the Spirit. Also, met questions sometimes take precedent over what I know to be true.

Elder Holland reminds us:

“Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.”

One of my favorite quotes he gives is . . .

“Hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes.”

Another very poignant part for me is when she shares the following:

When problems come and questions arise, do not start your quest for faith by saying how much you do not have, leading as it were with your “unbelief.” 

Let me be clear on this point: I am not asking you to pretend to faith you do not have. 

am asking you to be true to the faith you do have. 

Sometimes we act as if an honest declaration of doubt is a higher manifestation 
of moral courage than is an honest declaration of faith. It is not! 

So let us all remember the clear message of this scriptural account: Be as candid about your questions as you need to be; life is full of them on one subject or another. 

This talk is worth a review. Take some time to do it when you have a few minutes!

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