Come Follow Me (June 24-June30): Alma 13-15: Ammonihah, Part 2 | Line Upon Line

Come Follow Me (June 24-June30): Alma 13-15: Ammonihah, Part 2 | Line Upon Line


And so we conclude with Alma and Amulek in part 2 of the City of Ammonihah, with Amulek in an all-out doctrinal debate with their top lawyer, Zeezrom, who’s just been caught lying to God’s anointed as Amulek succeeds in having him imagine standing before God in all of his sins. And by now, a large crowd has gathered round this epic matchup as Alma tags in and finishes Zeezrom off with powerful doctrinal knockout blow. Ziezram, you’re not only lying to us, but also to God, who knows your thoughts, and has told us your subtle little plan to get rid of us. Ziezram, the devil is working through you, and even now, he’s encircling you in his chains of hell. Boom. Ziezram asks, Wait, the just and the unjust will stand before God to be judged? But Asam Alma knows the Esroms not quite ready to be taught in replies, God’s mysteries or truths are only given to those who listen and obey, and to those he gives more. To those who harden their hearts, he takes away what they already have until they know nothing of God and are totally taken captive by the devil’s chains. Yes, our thoughts, words, and works will all condemn us at the judgment.

And while we want the mountains to fall on us to hide us, we will stand before God in all his might and Majesty, and his mercy will only come to the believing and repentant. Now, I’m sure Alma would appreciate it if we took a moment every now and then in prayer and during sacrament to actually envision ourselves standing before God at the last day. Will we be in our sins or saved from them? And do we now feel his redeeming love? So now vanquished and tail-tucked, Zeezrom withdraws, and Alma continues to elaborate to the crowd that God gave us this precious time on Earth to prepare to meet him and to one be at peace in his rest. And as Alma continues teaching in chapter 13, he keys us in that to help prepare us for our judgment, God called priests after the Holy order of his son and Melchizedek, even before the creation. And now is the time to repent since Christ is coming soon. And this time, after Alma and Amulek’s life-altering sermons, many people do start to repent and search the scriptures. But this makes the leaders and the majority of the people even more angry.

So they take Alma and Amulek before the chief judge of the city. Meanwhile, Zeezrom is now freaking out because he’s been party to the capture of God’s prophets. And with this newfound guilt, he frantically goes around saying, I am the guilty one. But they treat him just like Alma and spit on him and give him the boot, along with many other believing men. But tragically, they ignore their own laws and take these men’s wives and children and cast them and their scriptures into a fire and make Alma and Amulek watch, marking, Is this what God’s Lake of Fire and Brimstone looks like? Amulek can’t bear it anymore and tells Alma, Let’s stretch forth our hands and use our priesthood and end this. But Alma replies that the spirit says no. God is receiving them into his glory. And yes, while this is horrible, God does sometimes let terrible things to happen for the good of the righteous, but also to stand as a just witness against the wicked at the last day. And so, just like the Prophet Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, the people mock, spit on, bite, take their clothes, food, and water, and keep them tied up in the most miserable conditions, which Alma and Amulek patiently endure for many days and possibly months.

But finally, Alma seems to clearly remember this exact day, and the exact time the chief judge visits. He hits them and then tempts them with, If you really do have God’s power, if he helps you break your bands, then we will believe. And so Alma slowly rises up and pleads, Oh, Lord, how long shall we suffer? ‘ ‘Give us strength from our faith in Christ and deliver us. And suddenly realizing their peril, the chief judge and the others quickly try to skedaddle. But the Earth shakes and the prison falls, and everyone in the prison is squished. Except Alma and Amulek, who walk out totally unharmed. Finished with Ammonihah, they head to the neighbor city of Siedem with some unfinished business. You see, our favorite top lawyer, Zeezrom, lies sick with a guilt fever, but is totally overjoyed when he realizes he didn’t help kill Alma and Amulek. Alma asks, Do you now believe in the redemption of Christ? And after a heartfelt yes, Alma blesses him. And to the astonishment of the people, Zeezrom leaps out of bed, and just like the converted Alma, devotes the rest of his life to teaching the gospel. It really is powerful how Norman loves to emphasize contrasts in these stories, how Zeezrom, the worst of all, can become one of the best, how we see terrible things happen to repentant people, but it’s to their salvation while also condemning the wicked.

And finally, how the ravenously abusive followers of Nihor are killed while the silent and humble Alma and Amulek are saved. And so our story concludes in chapter 16, as Alma’s prophecy is fulfilled, and an angry, guilty Lamanite army comes and wipes out everyone in Ammonihah in one day. But fortunately for Alma and Amulek, the church is finally established throughout all the land, and they get to enjoy peace and righteousness, at least for a few years. So did you know Sunday mornings can be stressful? Yeah, of course you know that. But Living Scripture streaming not only helps keep everyone calm and clean after they’re ready for church, of course, they’re secretly preparing for church. With thousands of entertaining, uplifting, gospel-centered shows, Living Scripture streaming is the perfect solution to crazy Sunday morning stress. Living Scripture Streaming, which is like Netflix for LDS families, provides the funds to create these line-up-on-line cartoons. So every subscription helps make Sunday Bliss possible. We hope this presentation has helped to bring you a little closer to Jesus Christ. Now it’s your turn to study. Study and continue to learn Lineup Online. So go read your scriptures.

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