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Come Follow Me JSH 27-65, Doctrine and Covenants 2 | #ComeFollowMe teaching aids and kits

Weekly Come, Follow Me kits!!

This week our families get to learn the really important stories that lead up to the publication of the Book of Mormon.

Here are all of the stories that our families will learn about:

– Moroni appears to Joseph Smith
– Joseph Smith goes to Hill Cumorah and views plates
– Joseph’s brother Alvin dies
– Joseph marries Emma Hale
– Joseph takes possession of the plates
– Joseph protects the plates from thieves
– Introduction to Martin Harris
– Joseph and Emma move to Harmony, Pennsylvania
– Joseph begins translation
– Martin Harris takes characters and translation to language expert, Professor Charles Anthon

The study pages this week will help you really dive into these important stories.  There are so many things to learn from just the appearances of Moroni to Joseph – how he appeared, what he taught, what he told Joseph to do and not to do.  These stories will increase your understanding of who Joseph was and what he was being called to do.


There are so many wonderful things to help your teens dive into these stories and learn them more deeply.  

1- The scripture stickers can be printed, cut out, and placed in their wide margin scriptures.  Print onto clear sticker paper.

2- The infographic teaches some important background information into Joseph’s life and family, and will give your teens a good understanding before they study the scriptures.

3- The illustrated scripture boxes will help guide them through their scripture study.

4-  The quiz is a great review for them


For your children ages 7-12, here are the helps in the kit to help them study their scriptures:

1-  The illustrated stories teach these stories in an engaging way. 

2-  The scripture study and marking guide will help your children study and mark Moroni’s visits to Joseph.

3-  The ‘Protect the Plates’ game is so fun!  Your family will answer trivia questions as they try to protect the plates from the thieves (just like Joseph protected the plates).


You may want to grab a flannel board and felt circle stickers!  We are going to be adding some fun flannel board stories this year.  This is a fun way for children to learn the stories, re-enact them, and teach your family.  

Small children can help you place the pieces as you teach them the stories.

* If you don’t want to get a flannel board, you can get magnet stickers and use a cookie sheet!


For those who want more learning materials, your kits have five areas of focus each week. Here is what you get this week:

1- The scripture study skill card:  Substitute your name
2- The person or place:  Emma Smith (includes paper dolls!)
3- A doctrine or principle:  God has a work for me to do⠀
4- A fact from the 1800s (and accompanying activity): Homemade popcorn
5- A scripture of the week: D&C 2

You will get a poster and 5 printable index cards for each area of focus.⠀
The index cards will help your children gather, retain, and review valuable information they are learning throughout the year (you will want an index card box or recipe card holder).⁠⠀


Last year we had the collectible trading cards – this year we have collectible coins and they are even easier to use than the trading cards!

Each week your children can earn 5 coins.  On one side of the coin is an illustration or phrase from their scripture study that week – on the other side is something from the 1800s (like an occupation, food, item, activity, or animal from the regions the Saints lived in).  

Parents can decide what needs to be done to earn a coin.  For example, a young child may need to do one or two things to earn all 5 coins, while an older child needs to do three different study activities.  It is a really flexible program so you can make it work for your specific needs.

Your children can collect their coins in a little coin pouch, a small box, or we suggest these coin capsules – they make the coins feel like tokens and your kids will have so much fun playing with them!  Make sure to get the 41 mm size.  

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