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Come Follow Me Insights with Taylor and Tyler | Isaiah


Here is the Come, Follow Me resource guide for Isaiah 1-12. Don’t forget to download the ScripturePlus app for a guided reading plan and additional resources!

Come Follow Me Insights

This week, Taylor and Tyler teach us how to love Isaiah. While the book of Isaiah can often feel overwhelming and confusing, it can become a book that we long to read.

Daily Come Follow Me Videos

Day 1: Casey Griffiths – 4 Tips to Understand Isaiah

Casey Griffiths cites moments when Nephi helped his readers better understand the words of Isaiah.

Day 2: Marianna Richardson – Understanding the Words of Isaiah

Marianna Richardson teaches how we can confidently read through the complicated Isaiah chapters. 

Day 3: John Hilton III – Isaiah’s Geography

John Hilton III exhorts us to study Isaiah, as Christ asks us to do.

Day 4: Lynne Hilton Wilson – Isaiah’s Vision of the Throne of God

Lynne Hilton Wilson gives background on Isaiah, and then does a deep dive into Isaiah 6.

Day 5: Taylor Halverson – The Historical Time of Isaiah

Taylor Halverson discusses the looming presence of the Assyrian Empire during Isaiah’s time.

Day 6: Jasmin Gimenez Rappleye – Isaiah 9 in its Ancient Israelite Context

Jasmin Gimenez Rappleye details how an ancient Israelite would have read and understood a passage that we now read as a prophecy of the Savior’s coming.


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