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Celebrate freedom with movies from Living Scriptures this week


Living Scriptures has “elected” Mary 4 Mayor as this week’s top new title. All Mary wanted was her family to get back on track. But to help her get to that point, life takes her on the craziest adventure imaginable – running for mayor! Filled with a loveable ensemble cast of characters, this family feature highlights the importance of choices, helping others, and forgiveness.

D&C 71-75 Whitney’s Witness

How do we know what’s true? Is there a vote to decide? D&C 71-75 Whitney’s Witness helps break down the answer to these and similar questions. In 1831, the church faced much public scrutiny from Ezra Booth, Symonds Ryder, and others. Not much has changed today, but we know that truth remains truth, whatever the popular vote may be.

Featured: George Washington

Now featured is our Animated Heroes Classic – George Washingtonbeautifully restored to HD. Follow the legacy of America’s first president in this thrilling and touching animation. Chronicled are some of his most famous moments, making it an entertaining and informative way to celebrate Independence Day with the whole family!

Playlist: Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring, our featured playlist, celebrates the foundation of America. It features many patriotic favorites, plus a new release – First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty – a fascinating and uplifting documentary that delves into our Founding Fathers’ fight for religious freedom.

First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty

The human story of how the Founding Fathers viewed faith and how they radically broke Western tradition of religion-by-law to create a nation where belief in God is a choice.

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Scripture Explorers:

D&C 71-75 – No Weapon Formed Against Thee

James and Aria are worried about defending their kingdom. As enemies close in around them, Peter and Penny teach them to not fear.

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America’s National Parks

New Episodes: 21-39

Visit America’s national parks and see why each is treasured as an irreplaceable part of our national legacy.

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Latter Day Kids

The Baby Elephant
D&C 71-75

Bastian the baby elephant sets his mind on a goal, and then works hard to achieve it! Music: “Bumba Crossing” by Kevin MacLeod (

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