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The Restoration Proclamation

Oracles of God

A New Digital Collection of Significant Prophetic Documents

By Ryan S. Gardner
There have been relatively few proclamations by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In order to find them all, you had to rely on Google searches and a bit of luck. Those days are no more. Thanks to a team at Brigham Young University–Idaho, you can now find twenty-four of these proclamations, official statements, and documents in one place. In this brief article by Ryan Gardner, BYU–Idaho religion professor, he explains how the documents are organized and where to find them.
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B – Bonus Feature

Eulogy for Kate Holbrook on Committed Conversations podcast. We are grateful to Sam Brown for allowing us to share his heartfelt eulogy for his wife Kate Holbrook as the final episode of our Committed Conversations podcast. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his daughters.


C – Come, Follow Me

Jeremiah mourned over the wickedness of his people and felt inadequate to be a prophet. He prophesied that the Lord would gather his people and make a new covenant with them in the latter days.
Michelangelo, Profeti, Jeremiah
“The Wreck of the Julia Ann.” On October 4, 1855, the Julia Ann, a small ship carrying twenty-eight Latter-day Saint converts from Sydney, Australia, to the United States crashed into a coral reef far from any inhabited island. Read more here.

Book Notice. In Sally in Three Worlds: An Indian Captive in the House of Brigham Young, Virginia Kerns relates the story of the settlement of Utah through the life of Sally, a Pahvant Ute woman who lived in Brigham Young’s household. Read book notice.

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