Have you ever wondered where in the world Nephi and his family traveled before they set sail for the Americas? For many years, researchers have been carefully studying Nephi’s account in 1 Nephi and comparing it with the known geography of ancient Israel and the Arabian Peninsula. Amazingly, nearly every travel detail in his record can now be connected with some plausible site, route, or ancient custom or practice.
Drawing upon this research, this video follows the likely route that Nephi and his family took as they journeyed from place to place through Israel, along the borders of the Red Sea, and across the Arabian Peninsula. As will be demonstrated, the intimate relationships between his account and the known geography in the Middle East provide excellent evidence of the Book of Mormon’s authenticity.
For the evidence which supports the claims made in this video, as well as a fairly comprehensive sampling of the available research on this topic, click on the link below. https://bookofmormoncentral.org/blog/…
1:07 – A quote from Yuval Gadot is displayed on the screen. The word “fuctions” is misspelled and should be “functions.”
5:06 – The narrator says that the Nihm tribe still exists today in a region “southwest” of Marib. This is incorrect. The Nihm tribe is actually located northwest of Marib.
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