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Here’s a page with a nice list of different LDS RSS feeds you can subscribe to. It includes feeds from, News Room, BYU Speeches, and much more. It has links for Feedburner, MyYahoo!, Google Reader, Bloglines, Newsgator, and MyFeedster. For those of you who don’t know what RSS feeds are, it stands for Real Simple Syndication. It allows people who subscribe to a site’s RSS feed to find out when the site has been updated without ever visiting the site. It makes keeping track of blogs and news much easier. In order to take advantage of RSS...

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DeseretBook Has MP3 Downloads of Audiobooks, Music, More

UPDATE: As we talked about previously, we’re randomly promoting old MLH posts so you can find out about stuff you may have missed. This one popped up today, but needs an update. It was originally about which is no longer in service. MLH reader Michelle passed on an email from DeseretBook with the latest on LDSAudio: Thank you for your inquiry. was purchased by Deseret Book Fall 2010.  At the end of September 2011, LDS Audio’s website was discontinued as some of the downloads will be uploaded onto for purchase.  All  previously purchased content and account information has been removed...

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Google Maps Hack: LDS Temples

Google Maps and Google Earth are one of the best ideas that Google has come up with. What makes them so great is that Google allows anyone to mess around with the script so they can adapt the map for their needs. In other words, they are very hackable. Someone has used Google Maps’ open source scripting to create a tour of all the temples in the world. You can zoom in and see the Washington D.C or Mexico City temple from outer space! Pretty dang cool. It’s fun and allows members to gain an appreciation that we have...

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How to DJ a Church Dance or Wedding Reception

Editor’s Note: I found this unpublished life hack from the original creator of MLH, Brett McKay. I’ve added the technical details, but it’s a great tip that also works for wedding receptions (which I’ve done) and other events that are held in the church cultural hall. —Tevya I remember the days when Church dances required bringing in someone’s clunky home stereo to the cultural hall so the kids could dance. Well, those days are over. Just bust out your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, or laptop, create a church dance playlist, and hook it up to the cultural hall sound system....

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LDS Yahoo Widgets

Yahoo! has a program that that is free to download that allows users to put widgets on their computer desktops. Widgets are small programs that can be designed to do a variety of things such as give you the weather, update you on the news, or tell you when your favorite blog has a new post- all without opening your web browser. There are a few LDS themed widgets in their widget gallery. My favorites are the LDS quotes and BYU Radio widgets. One of my favorite widgets in the gallery is the photo frame widget. You can set...

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