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Article about the early Saints and … Robin Hood?


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By Bethany Sorenson
Bethany Sorenson writes about the feelings she experiences while watching her daughter grow up. Her essay, entitled “Shoulders,” won honorable mention in the 2021 Richard H. Cracroft Personal Essay Contest, sponsored by BYU Studies.
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“In Their Promised Canaan Stand: Outlawry, Landscape, and Memory in C. C. A. Christensen’s Mormon Panorama”

By Jennifer Champoux

Painting by C.C.A. Christensen of the Saints leaving Nauvoo
What do Robin Hood and Joseph Smith have in common? This article examines C. C. A. Christensen’s Mormon Panorama according to themes of outlawry in Anglo-Saxon literature, revealing insights into the nineteenth-century Latter-day Saint understanding of exile and sacred space in relation to both the landscape and to America.
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Book Review

Clogs and Shawls: Mormons, Moorlands, and the Search for Zion by Ann Chamberlin

By Amy Harris
Clogs and Shawls cover
“Born in turn-of-the-century Bradford, Yorkshire, the eight Whitaker sisters were raised as Latter-day Saints, all eventually immigrated to Utah, and all remained members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout their lives. Their lifelong faithfulness was an important cornerstone of their family story, a story Ann Chamberlin, a granddaughter of one of the sisters, situates within a larger narrative about their family culture—both its positive and negative elements and the parts that tipped into becoming family mythology.”

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Come, Follow Me

Doctrine and Covenants 98 to 101

“Be Still and Know That I Am God”

The Saints are Driven from Jackson County, Missouri, by C.C.A. Christensen
In 1833, the Saints in Missouri were persecuted, and Joseph Smith worked to strengthen the Church in Kirtland. These sections offered comfort, encouragement, and instruction to the Saints.
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BYU Studies Podcast

Audio Articles from special issue, “Celebrating Women’s Suffrage”

This week we released two more recordings of articles from issue 59:3 of BYU Studies Quarterly, “First to Vote: Utah’s Unique Place in the Suffrage Movement” and “Why Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.” These episodes are available on popular streaming services like Apple Podcasts and on our YouTube channel.
Video of "First to Vote" episode of BYU Studies Podcast
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Joseph Smith Papers Conference

Are you interested in scholarly discussion of Joseph Smith, revelation, and sacred texts? The Joseph Smith Papers team is hosting a conference on September 10, 2021. Register if you want to watch live. Videos will be posted later. Videos of the 2020 JSP conference are available now.
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