VIDEO: Don't Miss This | Come Follow Me Moroni 1-6 (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)

VIDEO: Don’t Miss This Come Follow Me (Moroni 10, December 14-20) with Emily Freeman and David Butler | #ComeFollowMe

“This is a special edition, obviously, because we’re not at the chalkboard. This is called Don’t Miss This Field Trip DMP, F.T.. Oh, what’s the new hashtag for it? We are going to talk a little bit about that in just a second, because we have some surprises for next year, some gifts. It’s Christmastime. You, y’all. And but hold on, because first we want to go to Moroni, the last pages of the book, the very end, the wrapping up.’
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Come Follow Me Book of Mormon Central Taylor Tyler

VIDEO: Book of Mormon Central Come Follow Me (Insights into Moroni 10, December 14-20) with Taylor and Tyler | #ComeFollowMe

Welcome to Book of Mormon Central’s Come Follow Me Insights today, the final chapter of the Book of Mormon Moroni 10. This is a real treat, this final chapter, this concluding capstone to the book where Moroni could have taken any any direction he wanted. But he chooses to say, I’m finishing my book. Remember he said farewell to a couple of times in the past and then he’s come back in and written some more. In this one, it feels like he knows this really is the final farewell.
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