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2012 MLH Giveaway 3: Apple Devices and Mac


Congratulations to our Giveaway 2 winners!

Congratulations to Patrick Lynch and Dave McCabe our Giveaway #2 winners.

Giveaway 3 is all about iPhone, iPod, & iPad

Same rules as the first giveaway. This one ends Sat. the 22nd at midnight Pacific. Winners announced sometime on Sunday, along with the details for the next one.

Prizes for Giveaway 3

For all you iOS users, we’ve got some great apps, plus an iPad case, and an hour of personalized Mac support!


Other Great Stuff


This will have 2 winners. The 1st will receive 1 of each of the above prizes. The 2nd place will receive all of the apps, except LDSScriptures & Bible maps.

Enter the Drawing

To enter is simple. All you have to do is fill out the below form. That will give you 1 entry. But you can receive multiple entries by doing certain things. Here’s what to do to receive additional entries:

Email Lists (2 Entries each)

  • Register for our new MLH email list! Sign up for our email list by selecting the option in the form below. You’ll receive new posts on MLH in your inbox, and other occasional updates. If you did this for the previous Giveaway, you still get 2 entries.
  • Sign up for the Lift Apps email list.

Social Sharing: Publicly share MLH and/or Giveaway Sponsors on a major social network (1 entry per share – must share Dec. 21st or 22nd)

Social Following: Follow MLH and/or Giveaway Sponsors on a social network (1 entry per entity – counts if you’ve already followed that entity)

If you’re already following one of the social accounts above, or have already signed up for one of the email lists, you don’t need redo those. Just select the appropriate options below to receive those entry’s. But any social shares have to be for THIS giveaway. So you’ll need to publicly share the items listed under “Social Sharing” above on Dec. 21st or 22nd, regardless if you’ve done it before. Social networks that count for sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, & Reddit. Enter below. And remember: this ends at Midnight Pacific time on the 22nd.

Share more chances to win (use the buttons below, then check off the corresponding options above, before clicking submit):

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