Mormon Life Hacker giveaway 2012 prizes

2012 MLH Giveaway 1: Print Books, Posters, & Apps


It’s a giveaway! We didn’t have a budget or much time (been really busy). So I decided to hack it. Based on feedback and other factors, we’re going to do a series of 4 giveaways between now and Christmas. Some awesome sponsors replied quickly and we’ve got some great stuff I think you’re going to be super excited about.

Most will have at least 2 winners, though usually the 1st place winner will receive more than the 2nd place. That means at least 8 winners between now and Christmas! You’ll also be able to get multiple entries by following MLH and our giveaway sponsors on social media and/or email. The winners will be randomly selected.

This first one starts as soon as this post is published, and ends Tues. the 18th at midnight Pacific. Then Wed. morning we’ll announce winner along with the details for the next one, which will end Thurs. night, and so on. Anyone is welcome to enter, but I have to ship some of the physical items and since there’s no budget on my end, you can choose to give them to the next runner-up, ship them to friends or relatives in the US, or cover the cost above and beyond shipping in the US.

Mormon Life Hacker giveaway 2012 prizes
All the prizes we’ve confirmed so far. Over $700 total value!

Prizes for Giveaway 1

To start things off, we’ve got some great books, some posters, and the bestselling scriptures app!

  • The Book of Mormon: A Biography by Paul C. Gutjahr – book, provided by Princeton University Press. I’ve read it and it’s an excellent history of the book itself. It covers from Joseph Smith’s first encounters with the Angel Moroni to the details of how each “missionary edition” of the BoM is created and printed.
  • Tongue of Fire by David McKnight – a paperback novel provided by David McKnight. I haven’t read this one, but it looks like an entertaining read and has very positive reviews on Amazon.
  • Real Heroes Posters – Provided by
  • LDSScriptures apps – this the bestselling, and in my opinion still the best, Mormon scriptures app available. There’s several versions: desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android/Nook/Kindle Fire. All of which sync your notes, bookmarks, etc. If you use Android/Nook/Kindle fire, you get the desktop version and the mobile app. If you use iPhone/iPad, you can choose any 2: desktop, iPhone, or iPad.


This will have 2 winners. The 1st will receive 1 of each of the above prizes. The 2nd will receive the a copy of The Book of Mormon: A Biography, and 2 “Real Heroes” posters.

Enter the Drawing

To enter is simple. All you have to do is fill out the below form. That will give you one entry. But you can receive multiple entries by doing certain things. Here’s what to do to receive additional entries:

  • 2 Entries – Register for our new MLH email list! Sign up for our email list by checking the box when you fill out the form below. You’ll receive new posts on MLH in your inbox, and other occasional updates.
  • 1 Entry per share – Publicly share this giveaway on any major social network (the quickest way is to use the buttons at the bottom of this post).
  • 1 Entry total – Follow any MLH social account/page: Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  • 1 Entry per share – Publicly share on any major social network.
  • 1 Entry total – Follow any LDSScriptures social account/page: Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  • 1 Entry – Sign up for an account.
  • 1 Entry total – Share your unique URL on any major social network.

If you’re already following an MLH or social account or already have an account, you don’t need redo any of those. Just check the box below to get an additional entry. Social networks that count for sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, & Reddit. Enter below. And remember: this ends at Midnight Pacific time.

Share this giveaway for more chances to win (use the buttons below, then check off the corresponding options above, before clicking submit):

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