Saturday Evening Session

Hymn: (Hymn) – Hymn (#)

Conducting: President Dallin H. Oaks – First Counselor (First Presidency)

Hymn: Come Rejoice

Invocation: Matthias Held – Seventy

Hymn: I Know That My Savior Loves Me

Talk: Gerald Causse – Presiding Bishop

‘Our Earthly Stewardship’



Scripture References: Matthew 25:14–30

  • The work of creation is not an end in itself — it’s an integral part of God’s plan for His children. Its purpose is to provide the setting in which men and women may be tested, exercise agency, find joy, learn and progress toward returning to live with God.
  • These wonderful creations were prepared entirely for our benefit and are living proof of the love the Creator has for His children
  •  The divine gift of creation does not come without responsibility
  •  Our earthly stewardship
    • 1) The entire earth belongs to God. 
      • He has entrusted them to our care. 
    • 2) As stewards of the Lord’s creations, we are to care for them. 
      • We should be wise stewards
      • How can we honor the Lord without honoring his creations?
      • A sacred duty to love, care for and respect others. 
      • Are we not our brother’s keeper?
    • 3) We are invited to participate in the work of creation. 
      • There are many ways to create 
        • Art
        • Music
        • Science 
        • Other scientific means. 
      • Parable of the Talents.   
        • The Lord praised the servants that magnified their talents. 
      • Becoming co-creators with God in giving life. 
      • Our bodies belong to none other than God. 
  • I testify that great spiritual blessings are promised to those who love and care for the earth and their fellow men and women. 
    • As you stay faithful in this sacred stewardship and honor your eternal covenants, you will grow in the knowledge of God and His Son, Jesus Christ 
  • All is spiritual to the Lord, including the most temporal aspects of our lives.
  • The care of the earth and of our natural environment is a sacred responsibility entrusted to us by God, which should fill us with a deep sense of duty and humility. It is also an integral component of our discipleship.
  • Our stewardship over God’s creations also includes, at its pinnacle, a sacred duty to love, respect and care for all human beings with whom we share the earth.
  • We participate in the work of creation whenever we cultivate the earth or add our own constructions to this world — as long as we show respect for God’s creations.
  • There is no stewardship more sacred, more fulfilling, but also more demanding, than that of partnering with our Creator in providing physical bodies for His spirit children and then helping them reach their divine potential.

Talk: Michelle D. Craig – First Counselor (Young Women’s General Presidency)



Stories: Mean brothers: We have moved

Scripture References: Mark 12:41–44

  •  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help His disciples, and He is continuing to do so to this day
  •  Christ’s disciples have always encountered hard times. 
  • As disciples, we can grow. 
  • 1) We can keep our covenants even when it is not easy. 
    • He is more interested in my growth than my comfort. 
    • The point of walking the covenant is to approach the savior. 
    • It is not a race
    • We must not compare ourselves to others
    • When we stumble, He is there to pick us up and encourage us
  • 2) We can act in faith
    • As disciples of Jesus Christ, we understand that faith in Him requires action — especially in hard times.
    • Emily could have opened the door and saved sorrow. 
    • Sometimes we have to get up and walk and take action. 
    • In the process of action they were healed
  • 3) We can be wholehearted in our devotion
    • Trials do not mean the plan is failing.   
      • They are part of the plan. 
    • Widow and the 2 mites. 
      • She gave her all.
    • The Savior doesn’t see our lack as failure. 
  • When hard times come, I try to remember that I chose to follow Christ before I came to earth and that challenges to my faith, my health, and my endurance are all part of the reason I’m here…
  • When I stumble, I will keep getting up, relying on the grace of the Savior. 
  • I will seek His spirit everyday by doing small and simple things. 
  • When your faith, your family or your future are challenged — when you wonder why life is so hard when you are doing your best to live the gospel — remember that the Lord told us to expect troubles.
    • Troubles are part of the plan and do not mean that you’ve been abandoned; they are part of what it means to be His.
  • The point of walking the covenant path is to approach the Savior. 
    • He is the point, not our perfect progress. 
    • It is not a race, and we must not compare our journey to others. 
    • Even when we stumble, He is there.
  • When hard times come, I try to remember that I chose to follow Christ before I came to earth and that challenges to my faith, my health and my endurance are all part of the reason I’m here. 
    • Trials do not mean that the plan is failing; they are part of the plan meant to help me seek God.

Talk: Kevin W. Pearson – Seventy

Are You Still Willing


Stories: Parable of 10 virgins


Scripture References: D&C 20:77, 79; Matthew 25:1–13

  •  Sacrament Prayer
    • How many times have we witnessed unto God that we are willing?
    • That they may witness unto thee that they do always remember him. 
  • Is our spiritual foundation built solidly on Jesus Christ?
  • The precepts of man rarely align with gospel truth
  • Willingness to focus on the Savior is so crucial, it is the central message of the two most quoted scriptures in the Church — the sacrament prayers.
  • Are we willing to put forth more than a superficial effort into strengthening our faith in Christ?
  • True discipleship leads to a fullness of Joy. Are we willing to pay the price of discipleship?
  • He expects us to willingly put the Savior at the center of our lives. 
  • We would do well to spend more time in meaningful conversation discussing our concerns with a loving Father in Heaven and less time seeking the opinions of other voices who don’t.
  • Jesus Christ willingly died to atone for our sins
  • Faith in Jesus Christ is a choice. 
  • Partaking of the sacrament is a reminder of Christ’s Atonement and the need to always remember Him and keep His commandments.
  • Honoring the sabbath, paying tithing, attending the temple and honoring covenants are all powerful indicators of willingness
    • Heavenly Father loves us perfectly, but that love comes with great expectations 
  • The Book of Mormon is our most powerful resource in growing and restoring faith. 
  • The purpose of mortality is to prove our willingness
  • Are we willing to pay the price of discipleship?
  • The covenant path is a process of spiritual growth and commitment.
  • We can not afford to take vacation days from our discipleship.
  • Discipleship is not cheap. 
    • The Holy Ghost is priceless
  • The Holy Ghost gives us the capacity to see things as they really are. 
  • Our discipleship will require a greater willingness to straighten and strengthen our spiritual spines
  • Many leave the Savior and their covenants long before they leave the church.  
  • May we always be willing
  • Focusing on the Savior and on covenants brings lasting joy. 
    • This is a day foretold by ancient prophets. 
    • The most powerful spiritual influence in a child’s life is that of parents and grandparents who keep their covenants. 
  • Willingness is the catalyst of faith.
  • Casual and inconsistent covenant keeping leads to spiritual casualty. 
    • The spiritual damage is often greatest on our children and grandchildren. 
    • Parents and grandparents, are we still willing?


Hymn: Redeemer of Israel

Talk: Denelson Silva – Seventy

 Courage To Proclaim the Truth

Themes: Serving Full Time Missions

Stories: Denelson Silva’s conversion story; 

Scripture References:

  • We have a guarantee that we will never be alone when we go through afflictions, for God visits His people in the midst of their afflictions.
  •  Defense of the truth should not be done in an aggressive manner
  • The worth of souls is great in the sight of God, including the worth of your soul.
  • The defense of the truth should never be done in an aggressive manner but rather with genuine interest to love, share and invite the people we are testifying to about the truth
  • I learned that when I decided to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, I had accepted the task of not only defending the truth, but also of proclaiming it.
  • The privilege of representing the Savior Jesus Christ and His Church cannot be ignored.
  • As you proceed firmly in Christ and with courage not only to proclaim the truth but to live the truth, you will find comfort and peace during the turbulence that you shall encounter in these days.
  • Missions are great! 
    • Even if it means you are leaving family, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or putting a hold on education for a season.
  • The privilege of representing the Savior Jesus Christ and His Church cannot be ignored.
  • We always feel free when we proclaim the truth of the gospel
  • The privilege of representing the Savior Jesus Christ and His Church cannot be ignored
  • The Lord gives the opportunity to do what He would do if He were on earth — to go forth and preach the gospel. 
    • Please, young men, do not postpone your preparation to serve the Lord as missionary.
    • Young women are welcome to work in the vineyard as well. 
  • Those 24 or 18 months of service will pass in the mission field just as they would at home, but the opportunities in the mission field are unique. 
    • The privilege of representing the Savior Jesus Christ and His Church cannot be ignored.
  • Youth called to serve on service missions are welcome and necessary as well, for service missions also provide indescribable experiences. 
    • And people in different stages of life are also necessary in the work of the Lord. 
  • Courage to proclaim the truth and live the truth will mean comfort and peace during the turbulence of the world.
  • Trust in Heavenly Father and do not give up.
  • The knowledge of the truth does not make us better than other people, but it teaches us what we must do to return to God’s presence

Talk: Neil L. Andersen – Quorum of the Twelve

Drawing Closer to the Savior



Scripture References: Matthew 24; Joseph Smith—Matthew 1; John 17:3; D&C 20:77, 79; Matthew 13:38

  •  In the final days: 
    • The wheat will grow side by side with tares. 
      • Even if you don’t feel like you are a strong stalk of wheat right now, be patient. 
    • This will be our lot until the savior comes.   
  • We must nurture and fortify our faith. 
  • We need not fear. 
    • The Lord will not abandon his covenant people. 
  • How can we strengthen our commitment to the savior
  • Today and the days ahead require more focused and concentrated effort, guarding against diversions and carelessness
  • We are all children of the covenant
  • We separate ourselves from the world by making covenants with God
  • Our covenants will lead us closer and closer to the Savior. 
  • Making and keeping covenants allows the love of the Savior to sink more deeply into our heart.
  • Dallin H. Oaks. 
    • Do you dare to be different?
    • Are you going forward against the world’s opposition? 
  • 3 ways to deepen and strengthen our commitment to the Savior: 
    • 1. Immerse ourselves more completely into Jesus’s life, His teachings, His majesty, His power and His atoning sacrifice. 
    • 2. Make covenants with Him 
      • Making and keeping covenants allow the love of the Savior to sink more deeply into one’s heart.
    • 3. Treasure, protect, defend and safeguard the gift of the Holy Ghost with all our heart.
      • It is a gift beyond price
  • Pres Nelson: You are living in the world.  
    •  You have different standards from the world to avoid the stains of the world. 
  • It is a wondrous journey to be wheat among tares. 
  • As we better know and love the Savior, we desire even more to promise Him our allegiance and trust. We make covenants with Him
  • It is wondrous to be the wheat among the tares
  • As you allow your love for the Savior and His love for you to sink deep into your heart, I promise you added confidence, peace and joy in meeting the challenges of your life
  • We realize that as evil increases in the world, our spiritual survival, and the spiritual survival of those we love, will require that we more fully nurture, fortify and strengthen the roots of our faith in Jesus Christ.
  • As we know very well, having faith in Jesus Christ and being a true disciple is more than a one-time decision — more than a one-time event. 
    • It is a sacred, ongoing process that grows and expands through the seasons of our lives, continuing until we kneel at His feet.
  •  Latter-day Saints are “children of the covenant” stretching across the nations and cultures of the world.
  •  Seeking with all our heart to know and love the Savior, we separate ourselves from the world through covenants with God, being distinct, uncommon and special as we honor Him and His teachings

Hymn: Oh the rock of This Foundation – Hymn (#)

Benediction: Susan H. Porter – President (General Primary)



  • A lot of talk about faith 



    •  Read and re-read Elder Pearson’s talk to prepare for sacrament… Ponder the meaning of “willing”
  •  Find time to go to the temple and begin to make covenants with God
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