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190th Annual General Conference * April 4 – 5, 2020 Saturday PM *

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Saturday Afternoon Session 

Hymn: Come all Ye Saints of Zion – Hymn 38

Conducting: President Henry B. Eyring

Presiding: President Russell M. Nelson

Hymn: High on the Mountain Top – Hymn 5

Invocation: Brother Milton Camargo – First Counselor, Sunday School General Presidency 

The Sustaining of the Church Officers: President Dallin H Oaks

    • Released
      • Jorge T. Becerra
      • Mark S. Bryce 
      • Jeremy R. Jaggi
      • Kelly R. Johnson
      • Adeyinka A. Ojediran
      • Moisés Villaneuva 
      • Young Men General Presidency
        • Stephen W. Owen
        • Douglas D. Holmes
        • M. Joseph Brough
    • Called
      • General Authority Seventy:
        • Jorge T Becerra
        • Matthew S Holland
        • WIlliam K Jackson
        • Jeremy R Jaggi
        • Kelly R Johnson
        • Thierry K Mutombo
        • Adeyinka A Ojediran
        • Ciro Schmeil
        • Moisés Villaneuva
      • Area Seventy:
        • Jay D Andersen
        • Faapito Auapaau
        • Frederick K Balli Jr
        • Devin W Birch
        • John W Boswell III
        • J Francisco Bührer
        • Suchat Chaichana
        • Matthew R Clarke
        • L Guido Cristobal
        • Edmarc R Dumas
        • Carlos A Gabaldón
        • M Andrew Galt IV
        • Clark G Gilbert
        • Leonard D Greer
        • Vladislav Y Gornostaev
        • D Martin Goury
        • Richard I Heaton
        • Broc C Hiatt
        • David H Huntsman
        • Norman C Insong
        • Daniel Kabason
        • Federico M Kähnlein
        • Jeffrey J Kerr
        • Youngjoon Kwon
        • David G Lafránce
        • Ricardo C Leite
        • Marcelo Louza
        • Jose G Manarin
        • Jeremiah J Morgan
        • Mark A Mortensen
        • Eduardo F Ortega
        • Nathan D Pace
        • Michael M Packer
        • Omar I Palacios
        • Jorge W Pérez
        • Kyrylo Pokhylko
        • Sergio A Poncio
        • Arthur Rascon
        • Miguel A Reynoso
        • Gustavo G Rezende
        • Robert G Rivarola
        • Tonga J Sai
        • Luciano Sankari
        • Rosendo Santos
        • Henry Savstrom
        • J Matthew Scott
        • James E Slaughter
        • Rovert T Smith
        • Ricardo A Spencer
        • Colin C Stauffer
        • David C Stewart
        • Jared W Stone
        • Arlen M Tumaliuan
        • Martin J Turvey
        • Yan C Vega
        • Paul B Whippy
        • Chad R Wilkinson
        • Dow R WIlson
      • Young Men General Presidency
        • President: Steven J Lund


  • Former CEO and current Chairman of NuSkin


      • First Counselor: Ahmad Saleem Corbitt
      • Second Counselor: Bradley Ray Wilcox

Church Auditing Department Report, 2019: Kevin R. Jergenson, Auditing

  • D&C 120 
  • Funds were administered appropriately.

Statistical Report, 2019: Brook P. Hales, Secretary to the First Presidency. 

2019 2018
Church Units
Stakes 3,437 3,383
Missions 399 407
Districts 542 547
Wards and Branches 30,940 30,536
Church Membership
Total Membership 16,565,036 16,313,735
New Children of record 94,266 102,102
Converts baptized 248,835 234,332
Full-time 67,021 65,137
Church-service 31,333 37,963
Temples Dedicated 6

Rome Italy

Kinshasa DR Congo

Fortaleza Brazil

Port-au-Prince Haiti

Lisbon Portugal

Arequipa Perú


Concepción Chile

Barranquilla Colombia

Temples Rededicated 7

Memphis Tennessee

Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Oakland California

Raleigh North Carolina

Frankfurt Germany

Asunción Paraguay

Baton Rouge Louisiana


Houston Texas

Jordan River Utah

Temples in operation 167 161


Hymn: As I Search the Holy Scriptures – Hymn 277

Talk: Elder Ulisses Soares – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


Major themes: Restoration, Book of Mormon

Notable stories: Personal Reading of the Book of Mormon

  • “Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none.”
  • Book of Mormon is a fundamental cornerstone of our faith
  • It testifies of God’s love, of Christ’s sacrifice and His crowning ministry, and that we will become one through Gospel work, that those who are lost are not cast off forever.
  • Everything about the Book of Mormon and how it was brought forth was miraculous
  • Rejoice in the word of the Lord
  • Moroni’s three visits to Joseph Smith
  • Emma Smith played an important part in helping Joseph receive the plates
  • Discovery and translation of the Book of Mormon were miracles
  • ‘Translation’ may be better referred to as ‘revelation’ 
  • Joseph moved to find a place he could translate without as many mobs or opposition 
  • Joseph’s learning from translating the Book of Mormon would serve him for the rest of his life
  • The Book of Mormon can be a shield to protect us from the adversary
  • A testimony of the Book of Mormon comes line upon line

Talk: Elder John A McCune – Quorum of the Seventy


Major themes: Righteousness, trusting in the Lord

Notable stories: 

  • We are not spared trials for following Christ- we are often required to do difficult things
  • He will provide support and peace
  • Nephi knew in whom he could trust
    • I know in whom I have trusted.  My God hath been my support; he hath led me through mine afflictions in the wilderness;
  • Trust Him and accept His will, and you will experience the joy reserved for His faithful disciples, for Christ is joy
  • There may be times when the only hope we have is in Jesus Christ
  • Come unto Christ
  • We have made covenants with him. 
  • As we labor with Christ, our deepest efforts should be within the walls of our own home. 
  • Nephi trusted in the Lord because his parents trusted in the Lord. 
  • Lehi didn’t leave the fruit, he stood and beckoned his family to join him.
  • Satan would have us believe that we can make it on our own, without the Church and the covenants it makes available to us
    • Very important to remember during these times when we need to have Sacrament Meeting at home!
  • In these latter days Christ covenant church was established to help us stay on the covenant path. 
  • Like Nephi, we can do difficult things and encourage others to do that same, because we know in whom we can trust
  • Christ is our light, our life, and our salvation

Talk: Bishop Gérald Caussé – Presiding Bishop of the Presiding Bishopric


Major themes: The Book of Mormon can change our life

Notable stories: Man’s heart was changed when he saw statue of Christ delivered to the temple

    • Climax of the Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 11 (verses 8-12)
    • Book of Mormon truths about Jesus Christ- reflect on how they have or could change your life
      • 1 – The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a free gift offered to all who have lived, who currently live, and who will live on the earth
      • 2 – In addition to bearing the burden of our sins, the Christ took upon himself our sorrows, infirmities, sufferings, sicknesses, and all the afflictions inherent in the mortal condition of man. There is no anguish, pain, or sadness that He did not suffer for us.
      • 3 –  The atoning sacrifice of the Savior allows us to overcome the negative consequences of Adam’s fall, including physical death. Because of Christ, all of God’s children born on this earth, regardless of their righteousness, will experience the reuniting of their spirits and bodies through the power of the resurrection and return to Him to be judged according to their works.
      • 4 – Receiving the full blessings of the Savior’s Atonement is conditioned upon our diligence in living the doctrine of Christ… We must exercise faith in Jesus Christ, repent, hearken unto the word of God, receive essential ordinances, and keep sacred covenants until the end of our lives.


  • “Receiving” is not passive, it’s active and requires work. “Receive” when spoken in ordinances is a command for us to work spiritually and mentally.


    • 5 – Through His Atonement, Jesus Christ not only washes away our sins, but He also provides enabling power through which His disciples may put off the natural man, progress line upon line, and increase in holiness so that one day they might become perfect beings in the image of Christ, qualified to live again with God and inherit all the blessings of the kingdom of heaven.
  • Although infinite and eternal in its reach, the Atonement of Christ is a personal and intimate gift.
  • The personal nature becomes more real as we consider the people, men and women, of the Book of Mormon
  • He died for each of us, personally, as if we were the only person on Earth
  • If you felt it once…can ye say so now?
  • Redeeming power should motivate us each day
  • When was the last time you felt the sweet love of the savior Jesus Christ.
  • Have you noticed your capacity to love has increased?
  • All experiences of the Book of Mormon, are real.
  • Through the power of the Holy Ghost you can change and become perfected day after day.


Hymn: Rejoice, The Lord Is King! – Hymn 66

Talk: Elder Dale G. Renlund – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


Major themes: Gratitude

Notable stories: Thomas Neilson needing a heart transplant

  • Remember the greatness of God – this is notably shown in the Book of Mormon in Mornoni’s appeal at the end
  • The consistency of pleas of the Prophets is remarkable.
  • Story of Thomas (Tom) Neilson needing a heart transplant
    • Waiting for a donor heart was slow and frustrating 
    • Jonathan, Tom’s grandson was in an accident, but his heart was donated to Tom
    • Prayers for a donor heart didn’t cause the accident but was a gift in a time of need. Something good that could come out of tragedy. 
    • After the transplant, Tom was a different man. He was more solemn and humble and an example of optimism. 
    • Tom lived 13 years after the transplant 
  • Like Tom, each of us have received gifts that we couldn’t provide ourselves.  
  • Every time we use a gift we should have reverence for the givers, this does more than make us grateful. It should transform us. 
  • Remember the great things God has done for you
  • Angel’s words to Alma: Go, and remember the captivity of thy fathers in the land of Helam, and in the land of Nephi; and remember how great things he has done for them;
  • Our transformation can be as profound as Alma’s
  • What does it take for you to be drawn to the Savior?
    • Christ’s submission to the Father
    • Are all of Christ’s submissions and sacrifice not enough to draw us to Him?
  • Jesus Christ stands with open arms, hoping to heal, forgive, strengthen, purify, and sanctify you and me.
  • Gratitude helps us stay true to our Savior Jesus Christ
  • We can come to have a testimony of the truth of all things through the Holy Ghost
  • Don’t take your blessings and knowledge for granted
  • We can be saved and exalted- but we need to remember that these things came at a great cost
  • Without Jesus Christ, we are doomed. With Him, we can receive the greatest gift that God has to give us.
  • When we consider the love of our Father and Jesus Christ we develop trust.
  • God is our father and we can trust Him
  • Seek not to change His will, but to align your will with His
  • God has blessings to give us, conditioned on our asking 
  • Yearn to be more meek, more pure, more steadfast, more Christlike
  • Always rejoice!
  • Remember His goodness and mercy
  • I don’t think God is not insulted when we forget him, instead he is deeply disappointed
  • While we are drawing near to Him, He is drawing near to us
  • Hold out faithfully till the end
  • Christ loves to restore what you cannot restore
  • He can permanently mend even shattered hearts

Talk: Benjamin M Z Tai – Quorum of the Seventy


Major themes: Conversion, Book of Mormon

Notable stories: Man converted by looking at the Book of Mormon stories; testimony of a flight attendant 

    • Nutrition and exercise plan from doctor would transform me into a healthy person
    • What if a spiritual physician gave us a spiritual nutrition and exercise plan? (Spoiler alert – one has. heh.)
    • Each of us can study the Book of Mormon according to our circumstances 
    • When we obtain a witness of the Book of Mormon we will also know that Christ is the Savior, Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Church is the restored church of God
    • Self doubt intensified on flight to the mission field
      • A flight attendant told him the Book of Mormon was a great book


  • This story reminds me of the similar story where someone said “The Book of Mormon” was nice. The apostle who gave him the book replied, that is an inappropriate response to reading the book. You didn’t read it, did you?


  • Knowing that the gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistently being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion. (Elder Bednar)
  • Lord’s action plan for us – doctrine of Christ
    • 1) Exercising faith in Christ by trusting Him and keeping commandments, knowing that He will help us
    • 2) Repenting daily of shortcomings, experiencing joy and peace when He forgives us, forgiving others 
    • 3) Making and keeping covenants with God, including baptism – staying on the covenant path
    • 4) Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, having His constant companionship, one that sanctifies, comforts, and guides
    • 5) Enduring to the end by pressing forward steadfastly while feasting on the words of Christ
  • MIssionaries gave a person an action plan to follow the word of wisdom and quit gambling and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Study and draw near to Him
  • As we live according to His teachings, we will have no more desire to do evil

Talk: Elder Gary E Stevenson – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


Major themes: Salt Lake Temple Reconstruction Analogy, strong foundations

Notable stories: Funeral of young wife and mother 

    • Brigham Young on exploring expedition
      • “Here shall stand the temple of our God”
    • Wilford Woodruff staked a branch where Pres. Young had marked
    • 40 acres were assigned and it was decided it would be perfectly square North, South, East and West
    • Young: I want the (Salt Lake) temple built so that it will endure throughout the millenium.
    • Prophesied the huge number of temples to be built in the future
    • Has stood firm and stood as a beacon of faith.
    • Normal repairs and improvements were required to update the SLC temple but it was decided that a more comprehensive seismic upgrade was also necessary 
    • Base isolation technology Desnews Article diagrams
      • Seismic upgrades begin at the very foundation of the temple
      • Providing a robust defense against seismic events


  • Build ye therefore upon the solid rock of thy Redeemer


    • Take four years to complete
    • A time of renewal instead of closure.
    • How can the SLC renovation inspire us to a personal renewal 
    • We too can benefit from some needed maintenance and renovation work, including a seismic upgrade
    • What does my foundation look like?
    • What are my cornerstones and foundation? 
    • What does my testimony rest on?
    • Build a testimony that can withstand the tumultuous shaking that you will encounter during your life
    • Life’s challenges are often difficult to predict
    • The best defence against unexpected trials lay in our foundations 
      • Family prayer, scripture study, temple attendance, gospel learning (including Come Follow Me)
    • Temple recommend questions are a good assessment of our spiritual foundations 
      • Faith and testimony of God the Father, Christ, and Holy Ghost
      • Testimony of the Atonement of Christ and his role of personal savior and redeemer
      • Testimony of restoration
      • Sustain prophet as president of the church and only person authorized to use all priesthood keys
    • Young mother (Kim White) who battled cancer for 6 years before succumbing 
      • ‘Having faith doesn’t mean nothing bad is going to happen’
      • ‘There is far more light in the world than darkness’
      • ‘God is in the details’


  • @kimcankickit this is kim white. A beautiful woman and a truly missed friend <3


  • The wise man built his house upon the rock
  • We can endure
  • Lay up a good foundation against the time to come, that we may lay hold on eternal life
  • The temple was built in a manner that will endure through the millenium, and our testimonies should be as well


Hymn: Redeemer of Israel – Hymn 6

Benediction: Rubén V Alliaud – Quorum of the Seventy



  • A couple of the speakers have lost a lot of weight. I wonder if Dr Nelson is getting them to eat more healthy and exercise. Ha ha ha. Maybe Dr Nelson gave them a nutrition plan 🙂 like Brother Tai talked about.
  • The theme of Restoration isn’t just about the gospel being restored to the earth, but also about us being restored to our Heavenly Parents
  • Strong theme about personal trials and building your personal spiritual experience arsenal to be able to carry you through. (is the virus just the beginning?)
    • Personal thought, I think Covid may be a practice run for a bigger pandemic in the future so we can prepare better for the future 
      • Side note- explaining to my (non-LDS) friends the food distribution network during this has been extremely cool-they have been way impressed.
      • The church’s efforts to distribute food and support those in need have quieted most of the naysayers who complained about the amount of money the church has
        • Pretty ironic the ‘whistle-blower’/virus timeline.
      • Not just for a bigger pandemic, but for all of the coming turmoils. We have been warned that the day will come when we will have to either flee to Zion or fight our neighbors. C19 is just the tip of a very, very big iceberg.
  • Lots of focus on the Book of Mormon!
  • Since the temple seismic thing is going to take four years, hopefully that means we won’t have the Big One before then haha
    • Four years to finish all the restorations. Who knows when the seismic stuff will be done. 🙂
      • true!



  • Study the Book of Mormon with faith
  • Ponder what it takes for you to be drawn to the Savior (Renlund)
  • Ponder what your testimony is built on (Stevenson)




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