🎬 The Tuttle Twins cartoon is here! Watch episode 1 for free 🎬

🎬 The Tuttle Twins cartoon is here! Watch episode 1 for free 🎬



It’s here!

Last night was the global livestream event to launch episode 1. And no worries if you missed it, you can watch it for free above!

Some people love this scene:

You’ve got a few options to watch the first episode:Β Facebook,Β YouTube, orΒ the app.

Even if you use one of the social media links to watch this first episode, you’re going to want to download the Angel app so you can get free access to all future episodes, which will be in the app.

(And you can stream from the app to your favorite smart TV to watch full screen!)

Angel Studios is the distribution company that will be helping marketing the cartoon (again, you can download the app and watch episodes at no cost!) β€” so grab the app, watch episode 1, and be ready for upcoming episodes in the weeks ahead as they’re released!

You’ll also be able to support the show and explore gifts from the series.

Share the cartoon with friends, pay it forward to enable others to see it for free, and let’s help spread this impactful content across the whole world.

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