🌿 The Hosanna Shout to herald the Second Coming of the Messiah? 🌿

The Hosanna Shout is more than a tradition or a rite. President Lorenzo Snow taught that this shout will herald the Messiah when he comes in the glory from the Father.

The Hosanna Shout is steeped in symbolism and possesses immense power. It memorializes the great Council in Heaven when the Plan of Salvation was announced by the Father and Jesus was chosen as our Savior: “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”

Clearly, the Hosanna Shout is a prayer of incredible power. It draws together the saints in one accord and one voice, simultaneously praising the Lord and pleading for him to quickly come and save us. May we ponder recent events and why and where they happened, then expect the Lord to respond, as He has always done.

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