Tithing Settlement Tear-Off Schedule

Tithing Settlement tear-off scheduling

‘Tis the season to go shopping, make neighbor treats, attend Christmas concerts, visit the family, wrap gifts, put up the Christmas tree, and while doing all this the bishop needs you to find 15 minutes in your schedule to come settle your tithing. Don’t try to sneak out of this one or else the bishop will hunt you down and make the process more painful (not really). If you don’t show up the bishop will have to use his best judgement (wild guess) and declare your tithing for you. It’s best to open up your schedule and make some time.

Just think, if you were bishop, you would have to make time for every ward member before the end of the year. This becomes an impossible task, but thanks to Mormon Life Hacker we have the perfect hack for bishops to increase their tithing settlement attendance.

The line up at the bishop’s office can get out of hand as members try to juggle their calendar in order to write down the appointment. The TITHING SETTLEMENT TEAR-OFF SHEET allows members to quickly write down their name (for the bishop’s record) and tear of the slip (for the member’s record). So simple and so nice.

You can either make your own or use OUR COPY. This copy won’t let you edit but feel free to download it to edit it on your own. (File > Download As…)

Merry Christmas & Happy Full-Tithe New Year!


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3 comments on “Tithing Settlement Tear-Off Schedule

  1. Sam Bhagwat says:

    I’ve been using the following website (I’m the financial clerk in my San Francisco-area techsavvy singles ward): https://www.snapappointments.com. Unlike other scheduling websites, it allows appointments at 10m intervals. I set up my computer outside sacrament meeting to allow those who might not have access to a computer (or just want to do it then) to make an appointment. This allows people to schedule ahead and sign up outside of church.

    The ward page is here: http://www.snapappointments.com/listing/24o.

    1. Kurt says:

      Great resource! Thanks for sharing. It looks like they have a free option. Does it have a trial period?

  2. Sam Bhagwat says:

    It is free for one staff member (ie the Bishop) and no payment processing. It has worked well for me as financial clerk. I think ward members like it, but I’m not sure.

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