2012 MLH Giveaway 2: Android (including Ingress invite!)

Win LDS Android apps and an Ingress invite!

Congratulations to our Giveaway 1 winners! Congratulations to Matt Galloway and Tupou Taufa, the winners of our 1st giveaway. Giveaway 2 is all about Android Same rules as the last giveaway. This one ends Thurs. the 20th at midnight Pacific. Winners announced Fri morning, along with the details for the next one. I haven’t had time… Read More

1st Ever Mormon Life Hacker Live Hangout – Dec ’12


On Sunday evening we held the first ever MLH live video Hangout on Google+. We used the “Hangouts on Air” feature which live-streamed the hangout for anyone to watch, on YouTube. It also recorded it, and it’s now available on my personal YouTube channel (haven’t figured out how to do it yet). View it here:… Read More

Tithing Settlement Tear-Off Schedule

Tithing Settlement tear-off scheduling

‘Tis the season to go shopping, make neighbor treats, attend Christmas concerts, visit the family, wrap gifts, put up the Christmas tree, and while doing all this the bishop needs you to find 15 minutes in your schedule to come settle your tithing. Don’t try to sneak out of this one or else the bishop… Read More

Optimize Your Life, Presidency, Bishopric, or Council with Asana


A few months ago I was looking for a way to better facilitate communication, organization, responsibility assignment, and delegation for my business. Thankfully, I stumbled across the free webapp asana shortly after. We decided to give it a try and quickly realized it’s power as an organizational and communication tool. I then started thinking of it’s other applications…. Read More

Better than paper strips: Use multimedia in class without a projector

Photo on 10-25-12 at 2.42 PM

Here’s a simple trick you can use in Elders Quorum or Sunday School: I’m a big geek—let’s just get that out in the open. I’m also a big fan of Google Presentations. In fact, sometimes I think I can’t teach without them. I made an awesome slide show for my lesson on The Holy Grail… Read More