Optimize Your Life, Presidency, Bishopric, or Council with Asana


A few months ago I was looking for a way to better facilitate communication, organization, responsibility assignment, and delegation for my business. Thankfully, I stumbled across the free webapp asana shortly after. We decided to give it a try and quickly realized it’s power as an organizational and communication tool. I then started thinking of it’s other applications…. Read More

Better than paper strips: Use multimedia in class without a projector

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Here’s a simple trick you can use in Elders Quorum or Sunday School: I’m a big geek—let’s just get that out in the open. I’m also a big fan of Google Presentations. In fact, sometimes I think I can’t teach without them. I made an awesome slide show for my lesson on The Holy Grail… Read More

NaNoWriMo: Use Screenwriting Tricks to Make Your Novel Awesome [guide]

nanowrimo typing up novel

Happy All Saint’s Day and the beginning of Movember! It’s also the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where people around the world try to write a novel in one month. Screenwriters (both film and TV) have to write within very tight constraints, and therefore have refined storycraft in awesome ways. So here are… Read More

GEEK.Q.P. — Use tech to organize an Elders Quorum

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Here’s how we’ve organized our Elders Quorum: We have a Google Sites site, and it links to all the important documents people might need.   After the home page, we have a page for the sacrament. There’s a Google Spreadsheet embedded in the page that can be edited by anyone on the web. So our Elders… Read More

Tell Your Bishop Anything, Anonymously

Tell your Bishop anything anonymously

TellYourBossAnything.com is a free service of Happiily, a company that specializes in software that helps companies and manager provide a safe, anonymous way for employees to provide feedback and thoughts on their work, work environment, boss, etc. Essentially they act as a buffer. If a company were to internally provide a solution that let their employees… Read More

How to Get $250 of Classic Literature Audiobooks for FREE


Along with announcing the new Kindle Fire HD lineup, Amazon announced some enhancements to it’s Kindle technology. One is called “Immersion Reading” where you can listen to an audiobook, and have the corresponding line highlighted onscreen at the same time. I assume the idea is to help people learning languages, where they can follow along… Read More

How To Recognize When You Have the Spirit, and When You Don’t

The Five Prepared J. Kirk Richards

I remember having a conversation about the Spirit, with my college roomate. He was 3-4 years younger than myself and preparing for a mission. He said something about how it’s not possible to have the Spirit with you all the time. I agreed, but called to his attention those days when everything just seems right. Though everything doesn’t go right, you’re not bothered by it. You’re just a little happier than normal, a little more interested in other people, their joys and problems

How To Virtually Guarantee that Your Marriage Will Last


Remember this ratio: 5:1. Five positives. One negative. If you have 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction you have with your spouse, you are nearly guaranteed to have a successful, lasting marriage. The book How Full is Your Bucket examines the effect of positive emotions on people. Rath and Clifton cite a study by… Read More