The Power of Questions 1: Finding the Problem by Questioning the Basics


This is post #1 of 2 in the series “Power of Questions” The Power of Close-Ended Questions In lots of situations we’re taught that we need to use “open-ended” questions. Meaning questions that can’t result in a “yes” or a “no” answer. Close-ended: “do you like chocolate?” Open-ended: “how do you feel about chocolate?” Open-ended… Read More

DIY: Create Your Own Topical Guide

Topical Guide

Have you ever met anyone that has an amazing mind for retention? You can typically find these freaks of nature teaching LDS institute at your local college. Any topic can come up and they confidently say, “That reminds me of a scripture; let’s turn to it, shall we?” Contrast that with someone like myself. I usually say, “That reminds… Read More

Be a Church Hacker: Teach Your Children to Be Quiet in Sacrament Meeting

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Middle-aged Mormon Man has two excellent solutions for teaching children to behave and cooperate in Sacrament meeting and Church as a whole. One is focused around a punishment (gasp) and making “going to the hall” less-pleasant than sitting in the meeting. The other promotes a reward for good behavior. The Table Method Eventually they would… Read More

2012 MLH Giveaway 2: Android (including Ingress invite!)

Win LDS Android apps and an Ingress invite!

Congratulations to our Giveaway 1 winners! Congratulations to Matt Galloway and Tupou Taufa, the winners of our 1st giveaway. Giveaway 2 is all about Android Same rules as the last giveaway. This one ends Thurs. the 20th at midnight Pacific. Winners announced Fri morning, along with the details for the next one. I haven’t had time… Read More