We’re giving away over $800 in free prizes! All you have to do is link to this post in your facebook status and/or a tweet, then leave a comment!  Since it coincides with the the first-ever RootsTech Conference, we’re giving away awesome genealogy tools, as well as online family communication hosting, websites, and more!

The Prizes

Click each to get more information from the respective website (opens in a new tab):

1st Place – value: $389.64

The ultimate family history research & collaboration solution: Related Families hosting + TNG + RootsMagic 4 + a FiddlerStudios family website (9 months free).

TNG online family tree screenshot

2nd Place – value: $269.65

Related Families hosting + Roots Magic 4 + a FiddlerStudios family website (6 months free).

3rd Place – value: $149.70

Related Families hosting + a FiddlerStudios family website (3 months free).

How to Enter

You can enter 2 ways. This also means you can enter twice to increase your chances of winning:

  1. ‘Like’ us on Facebook (in the right-sidebar, or on the left sidebar of our Facebook page), and share this giveaway as your status (copy/paste this link: http://mormonlifehacker.com/?p=1134) with a status that encourages people to join the giveaway, like “checkout the giveaway on this awesome website I follow” or “this cool website I follow has a drawing for some great family and genealogy tools.” Then set the status privacy to “Everyone” as shown in the image below.
  2. Follow us on twitter (@ldslifehacker), then tweet about this giveaway, using the same link and style of message, as in #1.
  3. Once you’ve done either, or both, comment below with either “1”, “2” or “1 & 2.” And tell us how you’ll use the prizes!

If you’re already following us on either Facebook or Twitter, just skip the like/follow part and do the status/tweet.

Set the status privacy to "Everyone"

If you put 1 & 2, you’ll have 2 chances to win. All entries (including the comment) are due by midnight on Wed. Feb. 16th. Winners will be announced the following Mon. MLH authors and their immediate family members cannot enter the drawing, guest authors can.

Another Chance to Win a Family Site or DIY

I’m co-presenting at RootsTech with Penney Devy who is a Manager of tools and technology at FamilySearch. If you attend RootsTech, and come to our presentation (3pm on Thurs, class TU041, room 355A), I’ll tell you how to enter a separate drawing for 6-months free of a FiddlerStudios family website, plus how to build your own family communication site, just like the ones that FiddlerStudios (my company) offers. If you can’t make it to RootsTech, don’t worry, I’ll post the material from my presentation on MLH, so you can still build your own super-powered family communication website.

A very special thanks to the companies and individuals who are contributing the prizes!