How to Print a Mormon Sacrament Meeting Program

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci

Here’s a template for a sacrament meeting program. I like this one because it’s simple.

Just click USE THIS TEMPLATE, replace the names, hymns, and hymn numbers, and then click print.

If you have other designs, please posts links to them in the comments. We’d love to see some creative and easy templates for ward program designers to use.

Click here to view the template.


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6 comments on “How to Print a Mormon Sacrament Meeting Program

  1. My understanding is that a number of wards have used Centaur Print in the past to give them blanks with colour covers. But it looks as though they've gone out of business in the last year. Anyone able to refute that (and provide current contact info) or suggest another print place that specializes in LDS ward bulletins?

    1. Keebler says:

      Centaur Print was purchased by another company, called Press Media, and I’m pretty sure they still print ward bulletins.

  2. Michael O says:

    Search templates for "LDS (Mormon) YSA ward sacrament program / bulletin – legal, tri-fold". I'm trying to post the link and description, but something seems to be wrong with your comment functionality.

    1. Tevya says:

      If you'll enter the URL in the "Site URL" it should work there. Or, simply paste the link in as plain text (no HTML) and it should be automatically converted to a link.

  3. Michael O says:

    Sacrament bulletin / program for Latter-day Saint wards, especially YSA. Printable on legal (11×14) paper, but via web publishing can set up to be accessed via smartphone. Designed to be a full-featured desktop replacement.

    When I try to include the URL, the submission status just spins and spins without ever completing. (Sounds like the appointment scheduler on

  4. It is I says:

    "Counselor" is the correct spelling.

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