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Help Improve New Online Scriptures

Our friends in the Church’s web department are working on a complete re-haul of and all the resources & features on it. One major aspect that’s being upgraded is the online scriptures. Soon you’ll be able to login with your LDS account (same one that’s used for ward & stake sites, as well as New FamilySearch) and make notes, highlights, and other annotations. These will all be saved for you online so you can access them anywhere that you can login.

Because its all in beta, they want feedback to help improve and make things work right. You can help by first going to the new scriptures page and trying them out. Then take this survey to give feedback on the experience to help them improve and suggest new ideas.

We think the new looks great, and the scripture resource should be awesome when its working a little better. What do you think?

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  • Sandee Spencer

    Sure would love it if there were somewhere to pass along this concern.The search engine on is TERRIBLE. Many times I have entered the exact title of a talk sometimes even with the name of the author and it does not find it. Nearly every time I have to result to google which often pulls up a pile of rubbish anti-Mormon stuff along with the talk I'm looking for. Please, please pass along our concern that the search engine needs to be greatly improved.

    • Chad Butler


      I know the team is very interested in this sort of feedback. Perhaps the best way to get it to them is by clicking the "submit feedback" in the footer of any page. Give them specific details regarding the search term you entered and what you were trying to find. The team takes this very seriously. I know from personal experience that they are very responsive to messages submitted via the submit feedback form.

  • Sandee Spencer

    Your link to the survey doesn't work but after a few seconds on the scripture page I see one problem right off. It limits your scripture markings to 75. Why not endless like on my kindle app?

  • Tevya Washburn

    Sandee, my apologies, this is an older article that was republished. I should have caught it, but didn't. That's why the links don't work.

    As for the search on, we agree. You might consider joining the community at and pass your concerns on to them. There are many volunteers there that are involved in the process of creating the new and many of it's tools.

  • Danny

    When i try to read scriptures on, both the old and new versions of online scriptures, in my smartphone the text is very small, doesnt adjust automatically to the screen. If i double-tap it adjusts, but then when i move to next page it is small again.

    But when i try to read in my older not-smart phone the text adjusts automatically to the small screen.
    Why is this? is this so on all smartphones?

    • Tevya Washburn

      All of is NOT mobile compatible. That’s why you’re having troubles. I have a lot too, including the bottom-bar jumping up and covering lines of text in talks and such. They are working on a mobile version. I think they should just make there design responsive, rather than have an alternate interface. We’ll see what they come up with though….

  • Danny

    But isnt it strange that it works better on my older not-smart phone?

    There it adjusts automatically and stays that way, even when i flip to the next page or book.

    One would expect everything to work better and smoother on a newer phone, not the other way around?

    I have emailed them ( about this many times but havent received any answer.


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