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Kellen Petersen

Kellen is a PhD student in Mathematics living in New York. Recently married, Kellen enjoys technology and is excited to share all the new technological tools for Mormons that are coming out.

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Job: PhD Student.
Calling: 2nd Counselor, Sunday School Pres.

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What are QR Codes and How Can You Use Them?

You've probably seen them before.  Maybe on the bus, subway, or at the mall. They are QR Codes and they are popping up everywhere. One place that you may have noticed as well is in Church publications such as the Ensign. So, what are QR Codes and how do use them? QR stands for Quick Response. You can think of a QR code as a 2-dimensional version of a barcode. In the QR image is stored data (such as a URL, p ...

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How to Get Great Content for Your Favorite Mobile Reading Device

The holidays are over and things have settled down to normal. Perhaps you're an avid reader, or made it your New Year's resolution to read more? Either way, you want some great reads to put on your new device. Electronic Book Readers have become so popular that local libraries are offering classes on how to use them and USA Today is weighing in on the "Ereader vs. Tablet" debate. The ePub format is the open ...

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Download Church Publications in Audio Format

  Nearly everyone today has an MP3 player, whether it is an iPod, cell phone, smart phone or some other device.  The Church knows this and now has a webpage dedicated to "Church Publications in Compressed Audio Format." Yesterday’s science fiction has become today’s reality. And that reality, thanks to the technology of our times, is changing so fast we can barely keep up with it—if we do at all. For t ...

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Request Your Priesthood Line of Authority by Email

In 1994, the Church announced that it would no longer trace a member's Priesthood Line of Authority, but that it would be each member's individual responsibility.  They realized this was a mistake because less than a decade later (in 2001) they returned to keeping this important information themselves. Any Priesthood Holder can trace his authority back to Peter, James, and John who conferred the Melchizedek ...

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